Sunday, February 24, 2013

Louis x Wei Ling's Wedding I

My cousin Louis and his 10-year girlfriend Wei Ling got wedded on 15022013. :)

It was a lovely wedding reception held at The Banquet and I will blog about it in Part II. For the time being, I will be blogging about what happened during the morning of the occasion.

Hello, we are The Sister Group for the bride. :)

We had 8 sisters that morning and I was so honored to be called to become one of them. Our theme was red but coincidentally we looked so synced in red and black. We gathered at Hotel 360 early in the morning and awaited for the groom to come and fetch his lovely bride.

But apart from standing around looking pretty, I'm sure it is a known fact that us sisters had bigger responsibilities. :) We were in charge of guarding the door, to make the groom's life harder before fetching of the bride could take place and to torment the brothers.

The groom and the gang arrived and were immediately welcomed by ugly, size XL grey underwear lol.

Me in disapproving shock, when I opened the first Angpao received from the groom lol. Based on my expression, can you guess what was the amount of money in that angpao?

Task #1, for the groom to write 'heart Wei Ling' onto the underwear with the marker in his mouth.

Task #2 was hilarious and it involved gorgeous red bras. 

We prepared bras with baby bottles poked though the holes, having the bottles filled with 40ml each of pure bitter gourd juice, pure lemon juice, pure chili juice and for one lucky guy, honey water.

Cousin enjoying his moment hahaha.

 photo ATP_0663_zps11e92c3d.jpg

The rule was that they had to empty the bottles within 1 minute. But to our enjoyment lol, they didn't.

And so, we served them scrumptious wasabi biscuits. :)

Task #3 was to sing a song for the bride with the brothers dancing in the background. Task #4 we had the groom write out, and to shout aloud 10 reasons why he wants Wei Ling as his wife.

Number 10, "Lastly night time I need you xxxxxxx" lol.

Prior to entering the door after successfully completed all the allocated tasks, cousin had to pick the hotel room key among 20 cards from a pail filled with iced water. 

In the midst of looking for the correct card, the groom and brothers exclaimed in realization, "It's not in here!". Yeah you're right, the actual room key was not in the bucket. :P

In the hotel suite before meeting the bride, the groom and gang were to devour mee sua prepared by the family.

And finally, they reunited. :)

Picture taking with the bride and groom, the Sister and Brother group after tea presenting session at my grandparents place. :)

It was my first time being a sister and it was so much fun! But in my opinion we were too nice and we didn't torment the guys enough lol. Apparently the groom himself too, felt that we didn't torment them enough lol, sigh should have went all out. :P

The kiss. :)

The morning ended in laughter and me with a slightly fatter wallet. ;) Pictures credit to Valen Photography. Stay tuned for Part II!

With all the love,