Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Boyfie's Birthday 2013

With Boyfie on his birthday. :) 

It was a special occasion because it was the first time we officially celebrated his birthday together as a couple. Boyfie's birthday fell on a Friday and basically we celebrated it throughout the weekend. First of all I wanna talk about the presents I gave him. :)

With the help of my Mum, I made cupcakes for him. :) 

I wanted pastel colours but I left out baby pink to avoid the cake becoming too girly lol. I opt for simple designs and I think the cake turned out quite pretty. Very rough work indeed but filled with lots of love.

Spelt out his name with tiny sugar alphabets.

And I bought him the strawberry-scented Lotso plush doll from Toys R Us. :) The gift was not a first choice of mine and it was a hard choice to make between 3 or 4 options, but I'm glad he loved the present!

Lastly on his birthday afternoon, I treated Boyfie to Pizza Hut. *blowing candles* It was a pleasant lunch for two. :)

That evening he celebrated with a birthday dinner at Porkies with his uni mates. :)

Porkies always have so much good food to offer! Yum. Both dishes above were finished by a guy friend alone lol.

After dinner, he made his wish and blew the candle. Wonder what was it he wished for. :)

Choices of meat and vegetables
A variety of side dishes

The next evening, Boyfie had another birthday dinner with his secondary friends at U-Garden. :) 

U-garden is a buffet diner that sets out tables for 4 each equipped with a steamboat and a crystal grill. It is special because I think it is the first steamboat & grill place with an indoor setting with air-conditioning. The food provided were very thorough - from meats to seafood to juices and ice-creams.

Personally I think the placement of the steamboat is not very convenient for the two people sitting further away from it and also the heat of the grill is only focused at the center. On weekends it charges rm30 per pax and I think the dining experience is worth the price. :) Sorry for the low quality pictures I am not used to using my camera anymore lol.

I attacked the seafood over and over and over. Lol attacked the beef as well. *sings: These are a few of my favorite things...

Picture credits to Shirley. :) Was supposed to be a candid but I posed in time haha!

Due to some personal reasons I felt the need to make Boyfie's birthday more special for him so I put a lot of thought into the gifts and stuff. What more, he had me with him the whole way so I'm sure he had a great birthday! :P Haha I'm kidding. On a serious note though, him wanting me to be there with him through out the whole celebration made me feel really special. 

Love you! xx

With all the love,

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