Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fullhouse w/ cousins

Current Facebook profile picture. Picture taken during a dinner at Fullhouse. :) 

The picture made it seem like I was on a date, with the white rose and all lol, but I wasn't. TT Haha, was there with cousins to celebrate Ying Zi's visit this round and it was her last night in Kuching before flying back to Miri tomorrow.

In the car with sis. :) Wanted to crop sis out of the second picture but she deliberately refused it LOL.

The pretty Fullhouse at City One. :) Similar design and layout with the other Fullhouse restaurants but it's special because it has a second floor. We initially wanted a table on the 2nd floor but it was full.

The dishes we ordered that night. :) 

Spicy Bolognese, Carbonara, Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper sauce and Pan Seared Barramundi. Last dish was mine but I forgot the name. It had 2 types of fish, a variety of seafood, mash potatoes, topped with citrus sauce and it was nice. The food this time round is better than my last Fullhouse experience.

Did you notice? I usually wear my hair parted towards the right, recently loving the middle-parting, but that night I wore it towards the left. Trying to keep my hair line as versatile as possible. :)

Me trying the awkward looking-away-naturally thing some people are so good at.

But it was so weird for me I couldn't do it without bursting into laughter every time lol.

The lovely ladies with me that night. :) Ying Zi, lil sis Bev, cousin Lydia and Yun May.

A collage made by Ying Zi. 

Lastly, a picture of our outfits of the night. High-low dresses in different colours. :) Till the next time we meet lil cousin. Will miss you!

With all the love,

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