Saturday, March 16, 2013

House for Sale - NO MORE

UPDATE: Been wanting to write a post since awhile ago about this house Daddy built but I didn't till now. And less than 30 minutes into posting this blog post I already had 2 serious inquiries. 

I called Daddy up to ask for the price of the house, to my surprise Daddy told me the house was sold already. So surprised but so happy to hear the news at the same time! False alarm, sorry for building so much excitement this is embarrassing. In due course if the circumstances allow, I will be posting more about this house after it's completion in the furnishings and etc. :)

Sigh should have written this post earlier lol. Anyways, here's the original blog post: 

Pictures taken yesterday night. Swollen eyes. Hair always look better side swept. :)

Today I'm here to introduce to you a new house on the Kuching real estate market and it is another work of my Dad's. Daddy is always very passionate about his work and I'm proud to be sharing this today. :)

This double-storey detached house is made from an old house, with the outer shape maintained but renovated anew inside and out. Although the shape of the house remained, but it is so so different then and now. Sadly I do not have any pictures of the old building to show you all. Its located at Stampin area, which is a very strategic area whereby you can conveniently get to almost anywhere in Kuching.

Car park area

Grand living space
Dining room area

Dry kitchen and wet kitchen area
The setting of the master bedroom

An overall view of the newly built place. :) 

The house has a main living area with three connected sub-sitting areas, one room downstairs and three rooms upstairs. Imagine how grand the place would look with the curtains and the furniture placed in. If needed, Daddy will also personally help the client to pick out and synchronize the furniture placement in the new house. I doubt this post in my humble blog will bring in serious buyers lol but I'm keen in sharing Daddy's work because I am a proud daughter. :)

Interested buyers in the house please contact me and I'll have my Dad make time to show you around the place and explain everything in more detail. :) 

With all the love,


yascute said...

Can I know the selling price?

kxin♥ said...

I'm so sorry the house is already sold. :)

LeonChan said...

Was this the house you took me to see when it was still a wreck?

kxin♥ said...

Yea this is the house. What do you think about it? You saw the before after :)