Friday, March 29, 2013

My Farewell

I flew back to KL two days ago to continue my second semester of Law School. For those of you who didn't know already, I'm a law student at Taylor's Lakeside University. :) 

So anyway, this post will be about how I celebrated the last few days of my Kuching life before flying back here.

Spent my last Saturday partying at Rush Artistry with my girls to celebrate my farewell. Face was so white due to foundation overuse lol, but I'm so proud to be standing beside two of my favorite natural beauties. :)

Halter neck top- Nichii // black skirt- Mango

The guys, being sporting and fun as usual. Love them. :)

Boyfie decided to drop by and party with us! :)

Before this I've asked him over and over again to join us that night but he refused, saying that he's lazy and he dislikes the clubbing scene. But in the end he showed up to give me a surprise thank you so much. :) He couldn't take good pictures with the flash on lol, but as you can tell from the picture, I was so happy.

With darling lil sis. :)

Pretty pretty cousin Lydia- single, available and having the time of her life. :) Photobombed by Donald lol.

Love this picture taken with my girls and this super random overly friendly guy who high-five-ed us on the dance floor non-stop through out the whole night lol.

Spent my Sunday with my secondary school bestie Ive. :)

We watched a movie together- The Croods and it was a good movie. Rate 6.5/10. But I fell asleep in the cinema during lol (too much partying the night before?). In my sleep I could hear the crowd laughing tons so I guess I missed out a lot. Woke up in time for the climax and cried. Good family movie!

Ive bought her first pair of Converse today welcome to the Converse family! (Need to bookmark this moment) She wanted to get me Nose sandals as my early birthday present but I refused. Cuz it's too early! Pos Laju la when my birthday arrive! lol kidding, I just didn't want her to spend money.

First farewell dinner for three with my two most handsome men in the world at Market Open Air. Midin (Bilin is what we call it) is a vegetable only available in Sarawak I will miss you.

Second farewell dinner with family at U-Garden. :) 

Third farewell dinner, Boyfie and I spent the evening together and celebrated our first Anniversary. :) 

That day was not the actual date of the occasion but it was nothing less meaningful. :) Even though we had a great time together, you could tell that the atmosphere was really blue. It was the night before I flew to KL and it was the last dinner we had together till the next time we meet.

We had our dinner at Pepper's Grill, a new restaurant located beside Upwell, Jalan Song. :) 

Had their Pepper Grilled Lamb Chop and BBQ Pork Ribs. And we each ordered their sodas of flavors Apple Mint and Champagne Grape respectively. Food was good and the portion was big. The atmosphere was supposedly good but we had children sitting behind us that night, so yea lol.

My handsome boy and I. :')

1st Anniversary present. :)

After dinner, had one last meet up session with the girls at Isabella. :) 

Had the Orea Milkshake and we ate a hell lot of fried snacks ie. Salty Squid, Salty Chicken, Onion Rings and Fish Balls that night. Diet starts tomorrow! is what we always say when we have supper together lol. Had a long night of gossip and fun and I'm happy that Boyfie was there to accompany me. Pictures taken by him. I'll miss these girls a lot a lot! :)

The interior of Isabella is so pretty but the flash light did it no justice. What an ugly shade of green brrr.

In a blink of an eye, it came time for me to head to the airport and take off to KL. :C Family came to send me off but Daddy couldn't make it because he had a meeting to attend. I'll miss you all and Vanilla so much! Do miss me too. :')

And till the next time you, my favourite man. :') Stupid Lil bro photobombed us lol.

He is not the perfect boyfriend but like what I always said, I'm happiest when I'm with him. We were inseparable ever since I came back from KL two months ago and things have been going great between us so it was quite hard on the both of us having to face separation again. It is going to take some getting used to, not having able to see him whenever I miss him kay should stop now TT...

Kuching, the city where the people I love is, the city where my confidence lays, you've treated me well this past two months. :) I will be back soonest in 4 months time so do wait for me, don't change too much! But as for the necessary changes that are hopefully coming if you get what I mean, I welcome you. Till the next time!

With all the love,

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