Friday, March 22, 2013

Penang Photo Diary: Cheers x Straights Quay

It was one evening back when we were on our Penang trip. Ally's A-level mate, Brandon brought us out along with a bunch of his friends and it was an enjoyable night. :) This was the only time of my Penang trip that we had other teenage company lol.

Brandon and friends brought us to dinner at Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus and it was a nice little restaurant. The food was good and they came in huge portions not to mention the reasonable price.

The classy interior of the restaurant

The outside sitting area

Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus is a stand-alone restaurant located right by the road. The environment is really nice and the waiters were very friendly. Recommends. :) Sorry for the glaring picture of the restaurant!

Address: 3x, Jalan Pantai Molek, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang.
Contact: 604-8999757

After dinner, we went to visit Straight Quay. First time there and I fell in love with the place! :) 

Sadly it was late when we reached and most of the shops and bazaars were already closing so I didn't get to see the place much. Before the trip a friend told me they have a Converse outlet store here where you can get Converses at a relatively cheaper price but I didn't manage to shop! So next time when you're here, don't miss out. :)

And I love this long stretch of road behind Straights Quay that is facing the sea. You can feel the sea breeze here and have a superb view of the harbour and the light house. It is so fabulous and romantic. Datable location!

Drank the night away with great company at The Library. :) Enjoyed the live band, and made new friends (though I've already forgotten some of the names lol). Played a drinking game with cards and finished two towers of Hoegaarden.

One of the punishment, dancing - with Brandon and Emson LOL.

The new friends were so awkward and shy at first but in the end everyone warmed up and we had so much fun. :)

The guy wearing grey in the first picture is so cute and coincidentally he is from Taylor's Lakeside as well. The guy with the dimple is a waiter at Cheers and he came to join us after his shift. After ditching the glasses and uniform he's such a bombshell woots!

With Ally, the awesome friend who insisted on not touching alcohol and DID NOT touch an ounce of alcohol even after urges from everyone. :) Miss you! We'll see each other soon xx.

We debated on which picture to be posted on the blog because I like one better but she prefered the other. Couldn't remember which is which so both are up haha. Kthxbye!

With all the love,


Ally said...

Ehem, just for the record, I liked the last picture better :P anyway upon reading this, I'm convinced your Swinburne gimmick was a joke. Geez got me one second -.-

kxin♥ said...

Teehee you should know better not to trust the K! :P