Sunday, April 14, 2013

Uni Life Update

I'm back in KL for almost a month now. Semester 2 Bachelor of Law at Taylor's Lakeside. Dear family, I'm doing well! Dear readers, sorry I've not been committed to my blog lately! I'm here to update about uni life recently. :)

Our timetable is so messed up this semester. We have irregular lunch breaks, sometimes none. Sometimes we end class really early and other times we have long long breaks in between classes.

Stripped top- Forever 21 // skirt- Padini // flats- Vincci // bag pack- Nike

It was the first day of my second sem. Friends made me feel like home almost at once. :)

To be honest coming back from Kuching after 2 months of comfort at home I thought it would take me forever to get settled in and feel at home here again. :( But I am thankful to be quite flexible that I could adapt back into KL life faster than I thought. I have my friends, these familiar faces, to thank for. :)

Forgot when was this but friends and I went for tea session at Secret Recipe one afternoon. Secret Recipe has this awesome tea promotion whereby you get a drink (coffee/tea) free with an order of a piece of cake. 

Tried their Turkish Indulgence for the very first time. :) The bottom layer is the highlight of this dessert it has jelly, marshmallows, pistachios and chocolate chunks but I preferred the top layer with the smooth cake and crunchy chocolate topping.

Random birthday song session one afternoon for fellow course mates.

Met up with ex-housemate Brenda for Bak Kut Teh. We moved from our old apartment into different ones, so we are not living together anymore. :(

A box of strawberries from Cameron Highlands was a gift from her. Thanks! :)

First time meeting up with Dance Club mates after two months. Timothy is one of my very closest in the dance club but it felt like we literally disconnected then lol. 

One random evening where we had cup noodles in 7-E before heading home. :) 

A very tourist-sy shoot with the uni as background lol.

And yea, I started dancing with the Dance Club again. :)

Met Anita only on the Thurday of second week because she went to Japan for the sakuras. Lucky girl! Photobombed by Patrick- he looked sad here but I assure you he's a happy happy man now for over the sem break he found himself a girlfriend awww. :)

Another one with Ally. :)

So Friday is another day with a messed up schedule. Had classes till 4 then we had 2 hours till the next class so we went to SS15 to get books then stopped by Mcd for a snack. Another class at 6-8 pm. :(

Dinner was at Papa John's and it was my first time there. And Jamie smiled for the camera for the first time ever! :) Sad note, we only had dinner 9.15+pm that night. TT

Last Monday evening, I joined a work shop conducted by Aye Hasegawa along with fellow dancer friends Jasylin, Fion and new friend Sonny. :) 

Aye Hsegawa is a famed LA Style choreographer from America and she was awesome. We traveled to Damansara, got lost looking for the studio and  the workshop alone cost me rm150 but it was so worth it!

With Sue Yin we tried the Japanese restaurant in the Uni for the very first time. Never really gave the place a chance as we thought the price would be very expensive but turned out it wasn't. :)

So basically this is how the class looks like everyday. Anita snapped these with my phone. We used to have lessons in the lecture theaters but this sem we only got classrooms so it's a very very sad case...

Last Thursday I had breakfast with Sue Yin in Starbucks. This is my first buy of Starbucks ever since I came back. Mum be proud of me!

And this was just last Friday night. Went to movies with the dance club guys and we watched Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. Tweeted about it, thought it was a scary movie but in fact it was an action more towards fiction-romance. Rate 6/10.

I'm only blogging about things I have pictures on and I realized I missed out a lot. But I guess these will do! Assignments questions will be released next week onward and I'll have to get start on my Mooting research so I guess I wouldn't be running around as much as now. :C

Till the next time. :)

With all the love,


Shabana Sultana said...

Looks like you're having a nice time :)U study law..thats cool! ^^ Hope my uni life isnt a disappointment! ><'

kxin♥ said...

I'm sure you'll have tons of fun during your uni time too. :)