Saturday, May 18, 2013

Field Trip to Palace of Justice

Hi there, this is Keryn. With the law school batch August 2012, I was pleased to be given the chance to have a visit to the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya. 

The Palace of Justice basically holds the highest courts of Malaysia and they hear cases of the Courts of Appeal and Federal Courts. :)

Lecturer in-charge, Mr Lai and my fellow friends all formally dressed for the occasion. 

The grand foyer of the Palace of Justice. 

The whole space is very extravagant and it smells like a hotel. Upon entry you can see the high ceiling, the marble walls, staircases and poles - where you/ your parents' tax money comes to my loves.

The corridors.

With mes darlings Anita and Syin during briefing in the multipurpose hall before our tour of the place. 

Thank you Adilah for the picture! :) And Ally was too cool for the picture so yeah lol.

Hello Vincent!

After briefing we were gathered in an empty courtroom to be briefed before having enter into an occupied court room to hear an actual proceeding case in the Court of Appeal. 

We were informed of the common court etiquette such as, you need to bow prior to entering or existing the court rooms, and if you are carrying a bag either backpack or purse you  have to hold it on your side. Also, no cameras are allowed during court proceedings.

Mes amis in suit and tie. ;)

Visiting the court museum.

A giant ages-old hand written judgment book.

The original Straits Settlement and receipts of some sort dated way back.

Spotted this security guy across the room staring at me and I went up close only to realized that it is a wax figure. Creepy!

A mock courtroom full of wax figures. Creepy x10!

Just for the record, E indicates the juries section but the jury system has been taken out from the court proceedings in Malaysia. Google for more info. ;)

With the girlfriends. :)

Then we went to visit the Law library. :) Love the look of the rows and rows of Law journals they have in there, but not looking forward to the idea of having to read them. The library is open to the public on weekdays during working hours.

My pattern-ful learned friends lol.

Group picture of the batch. :) In my opinion I have a big bunch of gorgeous classmates, besides the fact that most of them are hardworking smart-asses. What do you think? :)

One with Haw Donq and another one of the many pictures of Patrick. 

The arch door across the road, having a similar hidden meaning as to the other Putrajaya architectures, signifies 'the doorway to justice'.

I love this shot. Fly proud, the Sarawak flag! :)

Another one of the group before departing back to uni. :)

Friends shooting poster for the drama series Law and Order.

Had our lunch at a seaside food court overlooking the beautiful Seri Wawasan Bridge. 

And upon returning to the uni, had friends spam weird pictures of themselves in my phone lol. It was a pleasant and enriching field trip!

With all the love,

Monday, May 13, 2013

Volunteering at Rumah Hope

Sorry for the lack of updates you guys! It has been so busy lately and I have been really occupied. Today I'm here with a short one, please be understanding! :)

A few weeks ago Taylor's Lakeside's Scholars @ Work society had a fundraising event at Rumah Hope. :) I am not a scholar, but I volunteered.

Everything sold that day were sponsored. We also had stationary and manicure stalls. It's so nice to see so many kind people helping out the society. :)

We were given a choice to choose what stall we wanted to handle that day. Ever since coming over to KL I have developed a deep deep love for nasi lemak so yea, I chose to take over the nasi lemak stall. :D 

Another reason I chose this stall was that I didn't want a stall where you just stand there and wait for customers to come because that would be pretty boring and I am not good with boredom. We had to pack the nasi lemak and the ingredients into the plastic boxes and that kept us busy. :)

We got a chance to meet and interact with the children and most of them are very sweet and well-mannered. :) It's sad to know that some of them do not have a family and some of them were abused growing up. :C But at least they are safe and in good hands now.

During the opening ceremony the children sang two songs for us, one of which was 'You Raise Me Up'. I hated that song because I feel like its so overused nowadays but their singing made me cry. :'/

An elementary school group came to support the event. They brought games and activities for the children. :)

Arts and crafts session. :)

This girl did a good job with her piece! So I asked her for a picture. :)

Then I saw one girl from the elementary school group colouring on her artwork and ruined it. I'm sure the little girl was thinking in her head, why would you do that?? I felt bad for not saying anything but the little girl was really pleasant with it. :x

The school bought Dominoes Pizzas for the kids too! :)

There were also games stalls set up to entertain the kids. :)

One of me and Ally, co-owner of the Nasi Lemak stall and thanks to her that I know of this event. :) 

The fund raising targeted a donation of RM10,000 but we only obtained RM8,600+. Disappointed that we did not reach our but nonetheless effort was worthwhile!  It's nice to be able to do a good deed after quite a long time. Missing the old days in Leo Club.

With all the love,