Monday, May 13, 2013

Volunteering at Rumah Hope

Sorry for the lack of updates you guys! It has been so busy lately and I have been really occupied. Today I'm here with a short one, please be understanding! :)

A few weeks ago Taylor's Lakeside's Scholars @ Work society had a fundraising event at Rumah Hope. :) I am not a scholar, but I volunteered.

Everything sold that day were sponsored. We also had stationary and manicure stalls. It's so nice to see so many kind people helping out the society. :)

We were given a choice to choose what stall we wanted to handle that day. Ever since coming over to KL I have developed a deep deep love for nasi lemak so yea, I chose to take over the nasi lemak stall. :D 

Another reason I chose this stall was that I didn't want a stall where you just stand there and wait for customers to come because that would be pretty boring and I am not good with boredom. We had to pack the nasi lemak and the ingredients into the plastic boxes and that kept us busy. :)

We got a chance to meet and interact with the children and most of them are very sweet and well-mannered. :) It's sad to know that some of them do not have a family and some of them were abused growing up. :C But at least they are safe and in good hands now.

During the opening ceremony the children sang two songs for us, one of which was 'You Raise Me Up'. I hated that song because I feel like its so overused nowadays but their singing made me cry. :'/

An elementary school group came to support the event. They brought games and activities for the children. :)

Arts and crafts session. :)

This girl did a good job with her piece! So I asked her for a picture. :)

Then I saw one girl from the elementary school group colouring on her artwork and ruined it. I'm sure the little girl was thinking in her head, why would you do that?? I felt bad for not saying anything but the little girl was really pleasant with it. :x

The school bought Dominoes Pizzas for the kids too! :)

There were also games stalls set up to entertain the kids. :)

One of me and Ally, co-owner of the Nasi Lemak stall and thanks to her that I know of this event. :) 

The fund raising targeted a donation of RM10,000 but we only obtained RM8,600+. Disappointed that we did not reach our but nonetheless effort was worthwhile!  It's nice to be able to do a good deed after quite a long time. Missing the old days in Leo Club.

With all the love,

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