Thursday, June 27, 2013

21st Birthday

I'm finally legal on May 29th almost a month ago. :)

Yes yes this post is very delayed I apologize! It's tradition in this blog that I jot down everything bout my Birthday here, for future Keryn's memories sake. :) Intro pic is taken from Instagram because I didn't really take any nice pictures of myself on that day lol.

So I have always thought of having this crazy huge birthday bash for my 21st, with all my friends, family and new friends and random people, hi- in place of the 20th birthday party I wanted but didn't happen. However due to many many reasons ie I'm not in Kuching, my parents and family are not around and my friends are all over the place now etc etc, it didn't happen again lol. :C

Still, I had a simple but great 21st birthday celebration. And I was happy enough as things were! Parties can wait. :)

Top- H&M // shorts- Mango // bag- Nose (one of my birthday present!)

My family from the dance club gave me a surprise celebration during the midnight of my birthday. :')

That evening, Vida acted like she was heart broken and told me she needed me to talk to. She asked me to go over to her place later that night since earlier that evening she was still in uni. When I went to her place, it happened lol.

To be honest I started feeling skeptical when I reached her door because the door was unlocked and the inside of the house was dark which was normally not the case haha. I went into her room and she talked to me in a very emo voice, so I just sat and listened. Then the guys came in with the cake and sang me the birthday song. :D

The pretty cake my loves got for me. I love it more the fact that my name was written on it. I thought I wasn't getting any cake this year. :')

Candids during cake cutting. :) Me looking very happy and Vida looking fairly blur haha she is such a darling!

The "Eh I wanna take a picture with you can you pay attention to me???" face lol.

Eric got me two big boxes of Hello Panda. :) It was during a lunch outing when we walk past a Japanese store that I mentioned to Eric Hello Panda used to be my favorite biscuits few years ago, and he got those for me aww.

Jeki got me this round plushie. :) It's supposed to be a cartoon character if not mistaken but I've never seen it before in my life lol. Thanks Jeki!

And as you can see, my face was attacked with chocolate. So in the picture I started to attack back lol.

Chased Arvin around the house since he didn't wanna give in nicely to my attack. We ran round and round the pillar and I was just laughing and laughing the whole time.

Suddenly to everyone's surprise, thud! Arvin fell onto the floor. Everyone burst into laughter and I finally got chocolate on his face. :D

This series of pictures make me laugh whenever I look at them. :)

I accidentally got chocolate onto Arvin's tank which explained his actions in the pictures haha. It was midnight and they all gathered there just for me. We went home at around 2am that night. I appreciate the effort so much and I'm so so touched. :))) Thank you guys so much!

Next day we had class as usual. But in between classes I went to Pyramid with my darlings to celebrate my birthday with dares. :)

One of the dares just to give you an idea, lol. *faints*

Ally and Sue Yin treated me to Auntie Annes.  I can't really complain cuz I didn't get them anything during their birthdays last year haha! :P

For this birthday Mum gave me the freedom to choose a bag of my choice and she would get it for me. :) 

I had something in mind but I didn't get a chance to go to The Garden or Pavi to shop so bye bye initial idea. Still I am happy with my final choices! Instead of one bag I chose to go for two inexpensive bags from Nose and Charles n Keith. I wanted to get structured bags which explained my choices. Also, black and cream suit me best because they go with my neutral colored, mostly white, black, beige wardrobe. Thank you Mum!

On a sad note, Daddy didn't get me anything. :C But I'm not complaining! I guess. Lol.

My birthday presents for myself. :) 

My 1Citizen vouchers were expiring on the 31st May so I spent them on inspirational, self-improvement books lol. I spent 3 hours in Popular that afternoon just to look for these and trust me, it was not easy. In the end two bimbo books that teach girls how to master relationships went along into the shopping bag hahaha. Cheap-stake Malaysian yes I was as I made sure I made the most out of the free vouchers lol! Ended up feeling noxious after having spent so long a time in the book store and I was so relieved when I actually finished choosing the books. Never again lol.

Haven't had the time to finish any of the books yet but I will do so once finals end!

The Great Gatsby - F. Fitzgerald was a present from Anita. :)

She's a book person, Anita. And before the movie was released she actually read the book before. Was talking to her about how good the movie was and in turn she told me how good the original book was. Who knew on my birthday itself she got me the actual novel! Thanks love. :)

Received a package from Kuching and it was from cousin Lydia. She sent me two beautiful casings for my phone. :) Love the floral one because I feel like it suits me. And love the tribal print one cuz I'm so so into tribal prints recently! Thank you too love!

Received another package from Kuching and it was from Mike. He got me the M.A.C. Archie's Girls gift set which included two nail lacquers, two color powder tubes and a mascara. :) 

The milky pink nail lacquer is called Pep Pep Pep and the hot pink one is Comic Cute- and they are both so pretty. The mascara is very light weight that it does not weight my eye lashes down after applying which I love! Thanks Mike. :)

Angeline knows I'm a Starbucks lover so she got me the Starbucks Coffee phone casing. Thank girl! And I received a birthday card from the whole class courtesy of Anita, Ally and Sue Yin. Thanks, my babes! Patrick gave me a tube of Vitagen haha thanks. And in the bottom corner is a card drew by Arvin which is now pasted on my bedroom wall. Thanks Arvin!

I received a webpage filled with birthday wishes from Him and our friends back home. :) He even got a blogger that I really like, Daphne Charice to sign on it. Thank you so much for the thought! Sad that the layout got messed up when I posted it here.

And oh I almost forgot. Thank you all my friends and family who gave me wishes through text, Facebook and Twitter. Especially those personalized birthday wishes, I appreciate them so! 

That's all for my 21st. I'm a blessed child. :)

With all the love,


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