Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Day in Town

We are the TUDC clan who calls ourselves N******** lol. So in short the story was that we went to town one day and came home with tons of pictures lol. 

That day was the day I realized that some guys shop more than girls and what more, I didn't get to shop the things I want that day. Haha it was the first time ever where I went to Secret Recipe to eat cake and wait while the guys continued to shop. :/ Haha imagine how miserable the boyfriends feel when they are dragged to shop with their girls, I'm glad I am a girl and this rarely happen lol. But twas a good outing/ bonding day! I love these people. :)

Here's a video that sums up the day of how dancers roll even out in town lol.

Hahahaha I can't even!
Much better. Lol!

Showing off his shirt from Australia.

My clan and I.
Very simple ootd in brown and black. :)
 Top- H&M // skinnies- Forever 21 // flats - Nichii // sling bag - Vincci

First time through the long long long walkway connecting KLCC to Pavillion.
Love this picture. :)
One with Eric. Darling little bro haha.
And of course not forgetting Jeki!
Thanks for all the pictures you took for us today and also the video you made. :))

With all the love,

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