Saturday, June 29, 2013

Music at Manhattan Fish Market

A short post to start of the weekend before I head to study. :)

It was a Friday that darling Sue Yin and I went to have our Starbucks at Sunway Pyramid. A change in scenery than my usual, uni Starbucks. Twas the last day of the 50% of All Frap promotion. Queue was crazy!

But the main reason we came to Pyramid after class was to listen to our law school seniors Neo and Nick perform. :)

So they got a new gig with Manhatten Fish Market and it was their first show. I made it a point to go and watch because I'm a super fan girl. :) Neo can sing so well, and Nick plays the guitar. They are both so cute and they are charismatic, first class law students need I say more?

It won't be any close to listening to them live, but for those who never heard them perform, here are two covers. :) Fyi I only fell in love with the song Little Things, after listening to Neo's cover. Yeap, that's how good they are!

Manhattan's garlic herb rice is my fav. :) Ordered the junior Grilled Fish and Garlic Herb Rice because I was still full from Starbucks.

The clown who ordered Scallops Pasta but gave us most of the scallops because her newly-tightened braces hurt her teeth when she chew them lol. Not complaining!

With friends, also seniors from the Law School who came to give their course mates support.

A shot of them when they sang the song I requested. When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating, one of my all time fav classic. :) "A song requested by the pretty girl over there..." Aww you are too sweet!

Anita came too after her Mandarin elective class. :)

The duo played from 7- 9pm that evening and we stayed through out.  Catch them in action at various Manhattan Fish Market branches through out KL. 

So happy to be able to make it to their first show to show support. Twas a good evening with good food, good music and good company!

With all the love,

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