Saturday, June 1, 2013

Performance w/ TUDC @ Scholar's Carnival Party

HELLO PEOPLE! DID I SHOCK YOU WITH MA BIG FACE. :D Just in case you didn't know, I am officially 21 now!

Though today I'm not here to blog about my birthday YET. Why, because I have a lot a lot of overdue posts to catch up with so please bare with me. :) I think for now I still have 2 posts on the waiting list before I start blogging about my birthday. And yes I know it's my big TWO ONE but need not be too anxious because to no surprise, I did not do anything big to celebrate my birthday.

On 10th May I had my first ever dance performance with TUDC (Taylor's University Dance Club). We performed for the Scholar's Carnival Party and I had a blast! This is memorable for me because I've been wishing to perform with them for quite some time now. :)

With some of my dance mates during backstage preparation time. :)

The girls. :D

Us, at the very cute photo booth they've set up for the party. :) The ironic thing was that the theme was carnival, which was supposed to be colourful etc, but our dress code for the performance was black and white cuz we're cool like that lol.

With my scholar friends Ally and Mei Yan. :)

Went to shoot friends during their game time lol. They were playing the 'whole group has to be within the newspaper' game if you know what I mean lol. I'm sure you know what game is it right? Please don't make me explain lol.

The flyer of the scholar's carnival party.

The girls and the flyer of the scholar's carnival party. Lol Joyce.

The scholars.

The venue of the scholar's carnival party. 

The popcorn and the cotton candy stall at the venue of the scholar's carnival party.

Okay so on to the performances! There were three dance performances that night and the guys were up first. Superb performance from them I am proud of you all! :) Guys are so hot when they dance. :D

Next it was up to the girls to perform. :)

Awesome Vida is awesome and she choreographed the major bulk of our performance. At first I was pretty skeptical when I heard that there would be like, 7 girls performing? But in the end I was glad that we had seven of us because we could form tons of different formations.

Performance outfit: white top- Nichii // black jeans- Forever 21 // Converse sneakers

Without further ado, here's the TUDC performance video for both the guys and the girls. :)  (link to vid)

A shot with handsome Hendry, main choreographer of the guys' performance. :)

The k-pop group of Taylor's Uni, K-Gen, performed too. :)

Love this shot of us! We look so happy. Current Facebook header picture. :D Pictures credit to Ryan Photography. :)

After the scholar's party performance and dinner, we went home to freshen up and went for a round of celebration. I added on more prominent an eyeliner, wore my peplum top and burgardy body-con skirt, and off to party. :)

Peplum top- Seed // skirt- HM // bracelet- Lovisa

We went to Club Vertigo, Mid Valley and danced the night away. :) 

One with Timothy. :)

Look there's us lol. Believe it or not it was my first clubbing experience in KL- yes I am a sad sad child lol.

Looking forward to more partying, and of course more performances with the TUDC family in the future! :)

With all the love,

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