Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mid-semester break

Had my second semester's one-week break two weeks ago. :) 

On a sad note, I had 2 written assignments due the coming Monday and yes, I have yet finished neither so a chunk of my sem break went to waste completing the assignments. :C That aside, I have nothing else to complain about because it was an awesome short break still.

First item on the list was YOLO 2.0. It was a bonding event among collaboration of two clubs that is Taylor's Lakeside Dance Club (TUDC) and the Orientation Leaders (OL). 

We gathered in front of the corridor in front of Student Life Center and had steamboat together. It is worth mentioning that an informal dance competition took place and it was a battle of the sexes lol. Each came up with a short routine and us girls won hands down! :P

First steamboat experience with the sausages cooked as a whole lol.

Oh and our Redbulls were sponsored, which was awesome! A group picture of us and the Redbulls. :)

Pictures with my darlings from the dance club family. :)

After steamboat we went to one of the gang member's place and had a sleepover. :)) Crazy night it was with laughs and games. Everyone collapsed one by one right after.

This picture was taken that night at 4/5 am i think? Eric and I were the last two men standing lol. We had nothing to do and he was hungry so we went down to mamak to eat and talk.

Picture with babe next day when we went for lunch at Sushi Zanmai. 

Hi Sunway Lagoon I missed you!! :) There was this awesome promotion going on where by on weekdays college students are entitled to a Buy-One-Free-One entrance ticket and I'm glad I had a bunch of people to go with.

Before the phone is placed in the locker. :) I had no problem with roller coasters but I'm always chicken towards Pirate Ship- it was that day that I conquered my fear of it haha. The new ride, Vuvuzela and the 5D ride was awesome too don't miss them!

Swimwear- Ogival // pull over blouse- Cotton On

Had dinner at Tian Tian after a long day. Timothy only joined us at dinner because during the day he had internship. :(

Poor thing Eric on the verge of passing out due to exhaustion lol.

Went to McDonald's after dinner (yes we are pigs lol) and Eric collapsed finally lol.

One random night when we went out for pool session. Cardigan is from H&M and I love it so much!

Hair looked really nice in these series of pictures that's why I love them. :)

One of the many days spent in the library completing assignments. But what was special about that day was that we had a karaoke session after! 

Missed karaoke too much that 2 hours was not at all close to satisfaction. :C But we went for the buffet dinner package and for that Rm30 was worth it I guess. Miss hanging out with these guys outside of uni  but we are all so dang busy! I blame the stupid overly jam packed module we are having now.

On the Saturday of the week, had a little 21th birthday celebration with Kuching mates. :)

Couldn't join them for dinner after that because of stupid assignments. Leroy was my primary school crush lol, lost contact during secondary school, we go to the same uni now but what are the odds of us becoming housemates lol. Enjoy your 21st and I hope you and Natasha stay sweet and happy for a long long time to come!

Plus a few late-night movies and dining sessions, this wraps up my semester break. I had loads of fun and I'm glad in the midst of that I was able to complete my assignments on time lol. How was your semester break? I hope you enjoyed yours as much I did mine!

With all the love,

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