Thursday, July 18, 2013

KL Food Hunts: Marche and My Burger Lab

I'm now back in KUCHING for my semester break! Feels uber good to be home. :) 

After finals are done and all it's now time I catch up with my overdue (mostly about food outings) posts. Three weeks home is a short time but I'm sure it will be awesome! Will be having tons of outings reuniting with old friends and family so I'm sure I will have more and more posts piled up for the future *shivers*.

Tried Marche, The Curve for the first time ever. I love the market place concept and design and they serve good food. There are a wide variety of western food choices from steaks, pastas to juices and desserts but the only thing I couldn't find, at the same time the dish I was craving for that day, was lasagna.

Chicken and Mushroom Quiche.

Mash potatoes. Simple dish but very delicious! The texture of the mash was so good and the gravy was thick and rich.

Rosti with Beef Sausage served with Sour Cream sauce. I didn't know what a rosti was until I tasted it. It was shredded potatoes and it is basically like hash brown. But the dish was good and I like the sour cream sauce a lot.

Baked cheese cake. I personally added the jam with a flick at the end on the side of the dish to make the dessert more presentable lol.

My lunch date Tim. :) Initially we wanted to order more than what we had, steak even lol. Luckily we didn't because it took us a lot of effort to finish the 4 dishes we got.

Vida performing with the other girls from TDC for an LG event. :) They prepared two sets of K-pop compilation dance performance and for each performance they danced for 15 minutes straight. Salute!

A picture with Vida taken by Eric and the picture he took of themselves before that lol.

For dinner we went to the very famous My Burger Lab and it was another first time for me too. :) The restaurant was usually jam-packed from what I heard and it took us approximately 45 minutes of waiting time before reaching the counter. The long wait wasn't torturing at all thanks to the super funny bunch I was with!

The menu. The restaurant is very considerate in a sense that they categorized the meat, so people who cannot have beef can straight away move onto the Chicken list, and they provide choices of burgers for vegetarians too.

Look at the happy faces. :)

My Beautiful Mess. :) The famous charcoal burger finally! 

Love the texture of the crispy fried portabella (mushroom) along with the melted cheese and the soft savory patty. Chips were normal and bun was soft but other than the color nothing special for me lol. Worth the wait and wouldn't mind coming back again in the near future!

With all the love,

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