Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hi Vanilla

It's been quite awhile since I last talked about Vanilla, my 3 year-old Maltese here. So here are some pictures I took of him recently. :) P/s Gonna dye hair soon but still contemplating as to whether or not I should do rebonding again.

Vanilla is a Maltese according to the pet vendor but we think that he is a Maltipoo (Maltese x Poodle). 

He has white Maltese fur color but curly Poodle hair. He has a pink nose and pink paws. Vanilla used to have turquoise colored iris, beautifully textured, when he was young but its now simply a beautiful shade of grey with a light brown ring near the circumference. He was my 18th birthday present from Mum. :)

Vanilla looks harmless but he is actually very egoistic and he thinks that he is the guard dog of the house, which is technically true but that was not what we expected from a tiny dog like him.

Vanilla used to be friendly towards everyone. :C He enjoys walks and car drives. He would run out the gates whenever we accidentally leave the door and gate open and would wait and whine at the gates when he's locked out till we open it for him to enter which is really really cute!

Vanilla's favorite toy is his ball. He responds to Bobo (ball ball) and whenever we say the word he would start searching around the house for his ball lol. 

He'd look literally possessed whenever we hold the ball in front of him and ready to throw lol. He leaves the ball near our feet for us to throw it for him, but he doesn't fetch the ball back to us right after and only does that when he feels like doing so. Diva much, I know!

He loves it when I speak to him and often than not it seems to me like he understands the things I say. :) 

He runs to me whenever I come home and doesn't respond to lil bro when he calls for Vanilla whenever I'm there lol. He responds to sit, shake, lie down, stay, come, roll over, up, turn around etc but wasn't able to master neither beg nor play dead. Still, personally I think he is pretty darn smart!! So proud to have him.

It warms my heart to see that Vanilla doesn't forget me even if I'm away so long so often and comes backs so short a time every time.  It breaks my heart however, to know that I can't be there for him when he needs me since I'm away for my studies. And I'm scared that I can't be there for him when he grow old. :(

I love you times a million Vanilla!!

With all the love,


Jonsey said...

Ahh .. Loves Vanilla 2nd pic with his head slightly tilted. Too cute.

kxin keryn pue said...

@Jonsey Hahah thanks! He is too too cute. :)