Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kuching Festival 2013

Back home in time for the annual Kuching Festival happening throughout July and August. :) 

Kuching Festival is basically a food festival which is considered a tourist attraction in Kuching, where you can get a wide variety of food and also enjoy performances. Will blog about my trip there with the family yesterday evening although I'm sure I'll be visiting it more than once!

The signature blue pin-headed MBKS building and my family. :)

The premises of Kuching Festival with row and rows of food stalls, already so crowded as early as 6pm.

Lil sis's favorite Coconut Ice Cream, rm2. She got one for me but I don't really fancy it lol.

Taiwan sausages and siow bee, rm2 each. The usuals.

My must have! Bubble pearl milk tea, rm3.5.

Oyster Mee Sua which was not bad, rm3.

Every year at food fest there would be a famous, overpriced, overrated food item that everyone would be in a craze to get and for the last year or two it was the Durian Puff.

Buzz of this year's food fest is the Fried Fresh Milk, which had made its way onto the local newspaper and apparently attracted a lot of attention. Daddy wanted to try this so I queued for it. Look at the line!

Got two packs of the Fried Fresh Milk, per pack is rm4 for 6 pieces.

I don't know what it's made of actually lol. It has a custard-like texture with a crispy outer layer, and the taste wasn't too bad but I was not crazy about it. Worth a try I guess though I don't think I would queue up for it again.

The VERY DANGEROUS Yam Cakes. To match the slogan, uniforms of vests and helmets are used to attract attention to a very normal food dish. But lol who am I to judge. The cakes were alright.

It gets more and more crowded later the evening.

There is also an ongoing talent show held at the stage here called Kuching Got Talent 2013. To sister, and all my friends participating tonight in the semi-finals, all the best!!

With all the love,

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