Monday, July 29, 2013

Ramadhan Buffet at BCCK

Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) is having their annual Ramadhan Buffet during this fasting month. 

The buffet is really popular from the fact that there were a lot of people and families there that evening even though it was a Sunday evening. It was my first time trying their buffet thanks to my lovely friend Mike who treated me to an evening of good food! There are around 70 dishes served and I'm sure whatever the price it was worth it. :) P/s wanna apologize in advance with the glaring lights in the following pictures because I was not very familiar with the DSLR I was using.

The buffet was held in their main ballroom and the setting was really grand. There were tables that could seat up to 10+ people and also tables for 4. The area where the curtains are are VIP seats.

The appetizers section. Here seats all the cold dishes like sushi, acar with keropok, and seafood such as poached prawns and jellyfish dishes. There was also this salad bar where you get a variety salad greens such as cherry tomatoes and olives, and condiments of all types.  For my first round I served myself some salad and cold macaroni and I vividly recall enjoying a lot of their salmon and smoked Tenggiri. Yum!

The soup and bread section. Loved their mushroom soup! It was thick and creamy and the bits of ingredients in it provided a chunky texture which I love. They also served Tom Yam soup but I didn't try it.

The hot dishes section that provided rice, fried noodles, vege and savory meat dishes too many to be named! To name my favorites from my second round, there was the creamy calamari dish, the mash potato and minced beef dish, and the beef masala.

In the middle of the ballroom there are two rows of stalls offering specialty dishes where they provide chefs to prepare the dishes for the diners on the spot. 

The main attractions from the stalls are the roasted whole lamb, which I enjoyed a lot, and their Sharwarma with Pita bread. Other than the ones shown in the pictures above, there are also many other local specialties being served at the stalls such as Roti Canai, Laksa, Char Keuy Teow, Satay and so on!

My favorite section of course was the dessert section! I'm sure all you would've guessed it. :P

They served a wide variety of desserts from cakes to puddings to jellies and the flavors varied from the usual chocolate and strawberry to the local, unconventional ones like mangoes and red beans.

There was also a chocolate fountain located at the middle of the dessert section! There are fruit sticks and finger breads provided to be eaten with the chocolate.  

The chocolate provided alternates so it depends on luck whether the chocolate fountain you get would be of milk chocolate or white chocolate. But worry not as for instance, if the fountain provides white chocolate, you will too be served with milk chocolate in a pot beside the fountain. :) I miss the fondue already!!

Hi Mike! Thank you for the lovely dinner! It was nice catching up. :))

Last picture of my dessert plate to end this yummy post. If you want a nice place with good food to buka puasa with your family, do give BCCK's Ramadhan Buffet a try! :)

With all the love

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