Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Belated Birthday Dinner

Reunited and hung out a lot with this guy for the past three weeks I'm back home. :)

He took the effort to bring me out to celebrate my belated 21st birthday because according to him, a girl's 21st birthday is the most important birthday as it marks the transition into adulthood.

Had dinner at the new Chef At Home, which recently relocated from Hui Sing to Saberkas area. It is famous and known for its inexpensive good food. Used to be a garden restaurant outside a house, it is now a restaurant with the interior design very similar to The Big Oven located at Jalan Kereta Api.

Mushroom soup and garlic bread, Mixed Grill, a chicken breast dish (forgot the name) with two glasses of red wine.

Despite everything we went through, I'm happy we are still here like how we used to be today. :)

Presents from him were a bouquet of a dozen white roses, and a platinum necklace with a key pendant. Thank you thank youuuuu. :)))

With all the love,

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