Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dim Sum + Kuching fest

With the pretty ladies in my family while I was back in Kuching. :) Since it's now in the wee hours in the morning, here's a short one when we went to eat dim sum at Zhen Kung Fu as brunch.

Us four that morning. :) Swollen bed face with lil bro in the background.

This is a repetitive statement lol. The must haves are Har kau, Lao shar pao and Siu mai. :)

Not forgetting Sis and her ever-so-adorable photobombs lol.

Just to mention by passing, Mom, sis and I all performed during Kuching Festival. :D 

Mom with her singing group, sis and I both for Kuching Got Talent event. Sis's crew Vanity participated in the dancing competition and got champion whoots!! While my studio mates and I danced back up for a friend's singing competition.

After the performance, went and hung out with my beloved cousins for the rest of the evening. :) And who would wanna eat those freaky minion cupcakes I mean imagine the amount of coloring! I'm sure they taste horrible lol I'm glad the minions craze is dying down like finally.

Random. I love my family and I'm lucky to be able to be so close with my parents and siblings not to mention my cousins. Some people are not at all close with their families and some don't even interact with them. And I feel sad for them. I'm thankful!

With all the love,

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