Saturday, August 10, 2013

Liese Bubble Hair Dye, again.

First things first, in a blink of an eye I'm back in KL again. :C 3 weeks home was not enough for me! But I don't think whatever amount of time would ever be enough. Didn't really spend time with friends because I am so occupied with the dancing gang and mostly my cousins. Spent a whole chunk of my time back home with my cousins because I love them so much, especially when cousin Leon is back from UK, and will blog more about them soon. :)

So anyway, I dyed my hair the other day, along with cousin Lydia. We both wanted to get darker shade of hair and decided to do it together. :)

Pictures to show my pre-dye hair with the black roots and faded orangey colour. I had on my 2007 Leo Forum (a camp for Leo Club members) t-shirt and it's ruined by now.

With Lydia and photographer of the day, Bev. :)

Went for the inexpensive but ever-so reliable Liese Buble Hair Dye, rm33 per box. I used the Dark Chocolate and she used the Classic Chocolate. 

So we just laid out some newspaper in my living room and started to dye our hair there. :) While waiting for the dye to set we watched The Orphan and it was such a great thriller. The story was so well written and the baby sister Max is too cute!

Hair color the next morning. :)

It now has a very dark shade of brown, under certain lighting almost black. Preferably I'd have it a bit lighter, and Lydia complained hers being a tad too light when my hair dye is supposedly to be in a lighter shade than hers lol. But overall I like it!

With all the love,


ღ Jung Min Yoon ღ said...

hey babe, does the Dark Chocolate turns out like natural dark brown hair colour? I feel like dying jewel pink / milk tea brown during my holidays, but if i do dye, i do not know what colour to dye back for school days, as my natural hair colour is dark brown ><

kxin keryn pue said...
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kxin keryn pue said...

(Oh my just saw this comment! Will gonna reply anyways)

@JungMinYoon Yes it does. :) My color before this was Milk Tea Brown and the color I got with Dark Chocolate could cover the lighter shade