Thursday, August 15, 2013

Penang Tour: Penang Hill + Stay at Hydro Hotel

The weekend before I flew back home after finals last sem, I went on a little domestic tour organized by Taylor's University's diploma students in the Tourism and Management Course. :) 

Travelling companion this time round was Tim. :) He was my only friend this trip other than a new friend made, Liu. 

Sad but true I don't really know people from the Tourism school. The group traveled in 2 buses and we departed from uni at 11.30pm Friday night. We drove thru the night and we had two compulsory stops along the way. I guess the stops helps the driver to stay awake and take a break but for us who were already fast asleep, they were torturing. Woke up once to eat roti canai and woke up the other time to eat McNuggets lol.

Our first stop upon reaching was Penang Hill. :) 

I love anywhere with breezy weather. I miss Genting! Last time round I came to Penang Hill during the night, so it was nice to come here this time in the morning. But come to think of it, you wouldn't know the last time I came here was during the night because I just remembered that I didn't even finish blogging about my last trip lol my bad.

The organizers prepared breakfast for us. Noodles, sausages, nuggets, bread and kaya. 

After the sunrise. :) Horrible hair after a long night and the steep Penang Hill train tracks while going back down.

Second stop was Kek Lok Si but this was the only picture I took there lol. 

I was really fascinated (bewitched, if I may lol) by how cute the tortoises looked when they were rushing to be fed by visitors. And the way they munch on their vegetables made me laugh non-stop cuz it was damn cute!  Didn't bother to take pictures of the temple cuz I've visited and took pictures heh, read here

Accommodation for the trip was Hydro Hotel. :)

Lunch. Picture was my first round, and I made it a point to try all the cakes they had on the dessert counter. :)

Finally some rest! Couldn't see the sea from my room tho, sad case.

Dinner was great and the food at dinner was great. :D We were entertained by games and performances.

Good morning. :)

In the morning we took the ferry to Butterworth and went to visit an orphanage before heading home. :) Thank you Tim for bringing me along to support his juniors' project I had a good time!!

With all the love,

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