Monday, August 12, 2013

With Cousins

Skin looks good under this lighting so intro pic it is! And as the title suggests, this will be an outing post with my cousins when I was back in Kuching. :)

Loving my sheer printed top from Sungei Wang KL

Lil sis bev with her gorgeous ever-changing hair colour. :) Took an almost same angle pic to show that we don't look alike? Lol and the looking alike statement is made by almost everyone, only that she's the skinnier version *cries. I personally do not think so! She has higher nose bridge, bigger eyes and all that good stuff *cries.

With le pretty mama out for some ice before meeting up with cousins. :)

Had tea at Boardriders Cafe, Plaza Merdeka which is pretty new and pretty nice. :) Suggestion by Lydia and I was informed that the cafe is under the business of Quicksilver/Roxy, which explains the summery beach theme.

Three Layer Chocolate Cake, rm13.50. Rm13 was quite pricey for a small piece of cake but the quality was good.

Caramel Latte, rm11.50 and Chocolate Roll, rm3.50.

Yours truly, one with my pretties, and one with Warren. :)

Blurred in the background is my beloved Leon! Sad that I am not there through out the whole of his stay in Malaysia but at least we got to hang out more this time round as compared to last year. The last time he was back we only got to hang out for one day, read here, which was ridiculous!

Watched Red 2. Rate 6/10.

I rejected a few friends in watching this because I didn't watch Red 1, but who knew in the end I still ended up watching this. Maybe I didn't get some of the inside jokes linked to Red 1 but overall the story stands good on its own! Love the naive, silly wife character Sarah and the bad ass old lady character Victoria. Helen Mirren is in her 60s but she is so hot! Haha I wouldn't mind being her when I'm old. A good action comedy, I laughed a lot! Just a nice movie to have fun to.

Notice that I haven't been writing reviews for so long now! Not really reviews of the movie that I write more of my feelings lol, but I've been loving the cinema lately so maybe I should start doing them again!

Last stop for the day was Bing!. Had cakes, lasagna, spaghetti and coffee and talked till the shop closes. :)

With all the love,

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-JoJo- said...

Warren, that's a gorgeous bag, where u bought it?