Monday, September 23, 2013

We Love Asia 2013

Had a weekend of partying with the gang when I attended the We Love Asia Music Festival held on 6-7 September at the Sepang International Circuit. :) 

We got the weekend pass and attended both days of the event. It was my first time going to a music concert sort of event hence it was all new and exciting for me. For both days of the event, the sky was rather gloomy and looked as if it was about to rain at any minute. But fortunately for us, first day it didn't rain. Second day, it rained while we were partying (made it more fun yes!) and stopped long before the event ended so it was all good!

Outfit was super casual with my white top from Nichii and shorts

There were food stalls available on venue that provided sushi, burgers, froyos etc and also fast food trucks for KFC and Pizza Hut. No outside food and drinks allowed, and the things sold there were freaking expensive. Coke and 100+ all the canned drinks were rm8 each and bottled water was rm5 each, I'm sure they earned a fortune feeding us thirsty party people.

Mechanical Bull was also available there, rm15 for 2 tries. A fun touch to the event other than the usual carnival game stalls. This mechanical bull is tiny compared to the ones we always see in movies and there was something solid for the participants to hold onto I'm sure its not as easy as people expect it to be.

The main stage, where we spent most of our two evenings. :)

Slingshot was available too and it charged rm50 per ride. Didn't try even though dying to lol.

Love this series of shots I took for them. :)

Then the partying began. :D We danced from 7-8pm+ till 12am on the first night.

Some foreign singer named Krista K (no idea who is that but very pretty) performed for us, singing covers of a few mainstreamed songs.

And when Pitbull came out, everyone went crazy. :D 

He was the highlight of the first night and his performance was out of this world! I was already tired before that, and almost started to fuss about wanting to go home lol but when he came on, all fatigue miraculously disappeared lol. He performed almost all of his popular songs and everyone sang along. His Latin dancers dressed in 3 different skin tight costumes throughout the night and they were awesome too!

Pictures taken during the second day. :) Look at the sky in the background lol. It was dark grey and it looked as if a storm is coming! However when the rain came around 8pm+ it was lighter than expected. Still, the rain came right because it wasn't too heavy to stop the party and it subsided with sufficient time for us to dry up before the event ending.

Highlight of the second night was Taboo from the Black Eye Peas. Didn't think he was that good a DJ but I did love his full red costume. We got to see Miss Nina but I just looked at her dancers most of the time (lol hi Adam Tan you're so hottttttttttt). And Tenashar was spinning that evening but I didn't get to listen to her play and that's really sad. :C

We Love Asia was really fun! Thank you Tim for driving us to and from there for the whole of two days, we wouldn't have attended this without you! :) I'm glad we didn't go to World Stage, even though at first I really wanted to, because I heard people getting sunburned from all the queuing. And I'm glad we got to see Pitbull at such a cheap rate along with so many foreign DJs worth it! Definitely (maybe) a next year. :D

With all the love,

Saturday, September 14, 2013

TUDC Recent Happenings

When I first entered Taylor's University never have I imagined being able to be apart of this family. :)

I remember vividly when I first came to Taylor's and saw the Taylor's University Dance Club for the very first time. They performed at my orientation party and after the performance they were hanging out and laughing together in a group. Not sure why or how, at that very moment I feel like I belong there somehow and who knew, it in fact happened. :D Through TUDC I've met so many nice people that share the same passion for dance as I, whom I have the privilege to become so close with. To think back, this is an awesome feeling!

It was Clubs and Societies Day at the uni to expose the clubs to new August 2013 intake students. The team nicely designed our booth, played music and welcomed people to register to join the club. Response was good!

The team also organized a series of workshops of different dance styles to give students an exposure to what they will get to learn in the weekly classes. While you are reading this, the workshops have been long past. This workshop idea was brilliant in my opinion, thanks to Arvin. :)

I for one feel so thankful to be given the chance to be the instructor for Girlstyle, which is the style that I know best and enjoy doing most. :) I'm fully aware tho that I'm not yet a superb dancer and I know I have so much more to improve on, but my main purpose is to spread the joy of dancing and knowledge of what I know. :) Workshop was great and first class which happened last Tuesday was great too. I think I will enjoy this dance instructor job, at least for now when school is still kinda free. :)

A picture of us in the club shirt and our booth. :)

For the Orientation Party for the August 2013 intake, TUDC also had the privilege to perform for them. I didn't participate though, but us in a group went and support the performers. :)

The theme of the evening was Time Travelling and they built a time machine at the entrance of the hall which was really really cool work.

Then goofy photo booths were set up in accordance with the theme of the 50's, 70's and the future.

Lastly on the list, in collaboration with other clubs in the uni like the Orientation Leaders and the Student Council, we performed together a flash mob routine put together by the talents in the dance club in conjunction with the Merdeka Day celebration. :D

With all the love,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Serai, Empire with the girls

Another blog post with Sue Yin in my intro pic, you lucky girl. :P

I'm now in my second year of studies and I'm doing 2+1 meaning I will only be going off in a year's time. But for some, they are flying off one by one and starting sem 3 in the UK- this applies to Anita and Sue Yin, both flying off real soon. As for Ally, she is restarting law school afresh next year as she received a Shell scholarship. So meaning now in my class, my gang of 4 has left only me. :(

Despite the sadness, I am so lucky to have Angeline with me though. I have as much fun with her too. :) We were already close in sem 1-2 but we will grow so much closer this sem I'm sure of it! She takes real good care of me I love her!! xx

So anyway, the four of us went out the other day and had some hang out time like the old times. :) I love how friends can be so comfortable with each other even when they don't hang out as much anymore and we laughed and laughed as usual. Sad that Angeline couldn't make it thou. :C

Serai is a western mix eastern cuisine restaurant and it wouldn't be my first choice but it was recommended by Anita. Spaghetti Carbonara (kids meal, portion is good), Tom Yum Noodles and Cantonese Noodles. For dessert we had the Nutella Eastern style Raviolis and they were good. And I made a gourmet dish using the prawns from the tom yum soup lol.

WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. :) I miss these people that used to be with me everyday! I'm sad I don't get to see them in class anymore but I'm sure our friendship is stronger than that.

With all the love,