Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Serai, Empire with the girls

Another blog post with Sue Yin in my intro pic, you lucky girl. :P

I'm now in my second year of studies and I'm doing 2+1 meaning I will only be going off in a year's time. But for some, they are flying off one by one and starting sem 3 in the UK- this applies to Anita and Sue Yin, both flying off real soon. As for Ally, she is restarting law school afresh next year as she received a Shell scholarship. So meaning now in my class, my gang of 4 has left only me. :(

Despite the sadness, I am so lucky to have Angeline with me though. I have as much fun with her too. :) We were already close in sem 1-2 but we will grow so much closer this sem I'm sure of it! She takes real good care of me I love her!! xx

So anyway, the four of us went out the other day and had some hang out time like the old times. :) I love how friends can be so comfortable with each other even when they don't hang out as much anymore and we laughed and laughed as usual. Sad that Angeline couldn't make it thou. :C

Serai is a western mix eastern cuisine restaurant and it wouldn't be my first choice but it was recommended by Anita. Spaghetti Carbonara (kids meal, portion is good), Tom Yum Noodles and Cantonese Noodles. For dessert we had the Nutella Eastern style Raviolis and they were good. And I made a gourmet dish using the prawns from the tom yum soup lol.

WE ARE BEAUTIFUL. :) I miss these people that used to be with me everyday! I'm sad I don't get to see them in class anymore but I'm sure our friendship is stronger than that.

With all the love,


Ally said...

This is saaaad. I wish I were in class with you still though. Forever watching you nod away in class and waking each other up :p And stealing glances when Wilson says anything 'exciting'. Glad you have Angeline still, but we'll try meet up when we can aite :* <3

kxin keryn pue said...

:'( Youuuuu leftttt meeeeeee... Lol meet up soon! xx