Saturday, September 14, 2013

TUDC Recent Happenings

When I first entered Taylor's University never have I imagined being able to be apart of this family. :)

I remember vividly when I first came to Taylor's and saw the Taylor's University Dance Club for the very first time. They performed at my orientation party and after the performance they were hanging out and laughing together in a group. Not sure why or how, at that very moment I feel like I belong there somehow and who knew, it in fact happened. :D Through TUDC I've met so many nice people that share the same passion for dance as I, whom I have the privilege to become so close with. To think back, this is an awesome feeling!

It was Clubs and Societies Day at the uni to expose the clubs to new August 2013 intake students. The team nicely designed our booth, played music and welcomed people to register to join the club. Response was good!

The team also organized a series of workshops of different dance styles to give students an exposure to what they will get to learn in the weekly classes. While you are reading this, the workshops have been long past. This workshop idea was brilliant in my opinion, thanks to Arvin. :)

I for one feel so thankful to be given the chance to be the instructor for Girlstyle, which is the style that I know best and enjoy doing most. :) I'm fully aware tho that I'm not yet a superb dancer and I know I have so much more to improve on, but my main purpose is to spread the joy of dancing and knowledge of what I know. :) Workshop was great and first class which happened last Tuesday was great too. I think I will enjoy this dance instructor job, at least for now when school is still kinda free. :)

A picture of us in the club shirt and our booth. :)

For the Orientation Party for the August 2013 intake, TUDC also had the privilege to perform for them. I didn't participate though, but us in a group went and support the performers. :)

The theme of the evening was Time Travelling and they built a time machine at the entrance of the hall which was really really cool work.

Then goofy photo booths were set up in accordance with the theme of the 50's, 70's and the future.

Lastly on the list, in collaboration with other clubs in the uni like the Orientation Leaders and the Student Council, we performed together a flash mob routine put together by the talents in the dance club in conjunction with the Merdeka Day celebration. :D

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