Thursday, October 24, 2013

Performance with TUDC for Taylor's Business School

Performed with the Dance Club for Taylor's Business School Welcoming Gathering back on 1st October. :)

The theme was Back To School and the theme provided for us was Big Bully Yellow. Hence, the we all dressed in yellow and black and the guys wore Varsity jackets to look more bully-like(?). Pictures credit to Ben Lau. Even though I personally think that they are over-contrasted, thanks for the pictures nonetheless! :P

Picture credits to Izzaz. Thanks!

Here's the performance video for that day! :)

I don't take for granted the chances I get to perform, but I need to learn to 'treat your every performance like your last'. So anyways, the girl style dance credits to Jessika back home. Thank you for teaching this choreo in your Street Jazz class and made me fall so in love with it! Hope the business school students enjoyed the performance. (link of video)

There was a super lovely activity held that day. Everyone was given a candle each. The organizers lit the candles of the lecturers and asked them to pass the flame to the student to signify how knowledge is passed from one to another. 

Such a meaningful activity! But to no surprise we abused it lol by blowing out each other's candle flame while protecting our own candles. And I took the opportunity to take pictures with everyone. :B

With all the love,

Monday, October 7, 2013

Dip n Dip, Bangsar

With no surprise, intro picture is once again Tim and I. :) I finally got to go to Dip n Dip for the very first time after hearing so much rave about it! Dip n Dip is located at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar and it's a busy area so parking spot was quite difficult to find. We went on a weekend and the restaurant was crowded so we had to queue to get seats.

The dance club family went together on a Sunday in a group of 9. :) I'm glad we actually went in a big group because then we could order more dishes and hence have a variety. Before this, I kept bugging Tim to bring me there but there was never a right time. :( But he promised me to bring me there again so, yay!

On the first page of the menu, the management went on and on about how you should not eat the menu, but at the same time if you really want to do it, you could. Lol.

First thing I noticed in the restaurant was the chocolate fountains, of white, milk and dark chocolate, gloriously standing at the very end of the drink counter. The interior of the restaurant was themed red and whites and browns were used to compliment it. The design was quite nice but the house was so packed that I could not fully appreciate it.

Please excuse the clowns trying to ruin my food shots lol.

Chocolate Milk Shake and Cookies Frappe. Don't really recall the distinction between the two but they were both fairly nice.

Marshmallow Hot Chocolate, Brownies Crepe (rm28.50) and Fondant (rm13.50). :) 

Hot chocolate topped with tiny marshmallows, drizzled on with milk chocolate. Yumminess overload! I usually don't enjoy marshmallows but I loved this. I hogged this drink almost the whole time. Second dish was brownie wrapped between the crepe and topped with a thick layer of milk, white and dark chocolate. This is the most common dish I see in my friends' Intagram posts and I enjoyed this a lot.

Brothers showing some love towards each other lol.

Strawberry Milk Shake that arrived only after the table became a mess.

And the last dish of the day was Fettuccini Crepe (rm29.00). The waiter came over with a plate of shredded crepe topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, and poured the chocolate sauce onto the dish in front of us. It's like eating pasta but with chocolate and I loved this a lot too! Prefer this over Brownies Crepe.

Overall review, Dip n Dip is a pleasant dessert place. It is quite pricey here so make sure your wallet is fat before you come if you intent to order a lot. Restaurant was really noisy hence not the best place if you're the 'nice conversation over dessert at a quiet, cozy place' kinda person. And I recommend coming in big groups so you can order more variety to try.

Don't come with an empty stomach because you have to queue for a seat and wait quite long for the first dish to be delivered. But don't come with a stuffed stomach either cuz that's just silly. Definitely will have a second visit! :)

With all the love,

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekend Trip to Johor Bahru II

Will finish off my JB post today as I have time off dancing duty and assignment deadline was postponed! :) So my 2nd and 3rd days in JB were quite lazy, what we did mostly was eating and chilling around malls.

Visited the Johor Premium Outlet. :) Enjoyed some window shopping at my favourite stores among many of the brands they have here. Love this place! Would love this place more if only I'm not a broke university student lol.

Before heading over to JPO, we met up with Tim's father and sister and had lunch together at a small cozy coffee place called Baristas.  It is supposedly a coffee place but they serve western food too, and it is Tim's go-to place for lasagna. :) My picture of the diner didn't do it any justice but it was an in-my-opinion-Starbucks-inspired, cozy place to dine in.

Address: No.34, Jalan Sri Putra 1, Bandar Putra, 81000 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia.

Ice-blended Mocha, their smooth and creamy Mash Potatoes, Classic Lasagna, BBQ Grilled Chicken and Cheese Grilled Chicken. 

All the dishes crammed on a tiny table meant for two lol, but all the more closeness with each other so no complaints there! We also had the Pepperoni Pizzas. :) Rate 7.5/10.

We went home that evening and I found me a present from Tim's parents. It was really sweet of them! Appreciate it a lot a lot. :))

On Sunday we packed our things, met up with Tim's church friends for lunch, said good bye to Tim's family and traveled back to KL. :) Car trip back was lazier and more quiet this round. However, I got to speed on the highway for the first half of the way (heh, love driving) and we stopped again for the awesome KFC at the Overhead Bridge Restaurants (OBR) Ayer Keroh.

Initially we intended to go to Singapore during the trip but upon going to JB only then I realized that I forgot my passport has expired zzz. Nonetheless it was a short but nice trip! Got to see Tim's hometown and moreover to meet his family and friends. :))

To many more trips together in the future! Till then. :)

With all the love,

Weekend Trip to Johor Bahru

I've been to Johor Bahru many many times when I was living in Singapore back then, but it was sooooo long ago I can't recall anything from then. So this time round, it felt like I was there for the very first time. This is the second trip for Tim and I, traveling to his hometown together shortly after my sem started. :)

We drove from KL around 8pm on a Thursday and it took us around 4 hours to reach JB. The long journey was not as tiring as expected because we talked and talked and talked, and stopped for some awesome KFC along the way. :) 

Road trips like these once in awhile is okay but I can't imagine having to do this every weekend, alone. And yes I'm referring to a friend of mine who drives from KL to JB almost every time comes the weekend just to see his girlfriend for 2 short days. It's so tiring especially when you have to drive back again alone on a Sunday. What if you suddenly feel lazy? Lazy or not you'd have to drive back to KL because you have class on Monday. The thought is really sweet, yes and I guess it wouldn't be THAT bad if  i get to see the person I love after that 4 hours and to spend a weekend with them. On second thought, I guess the driving would be worth it and I wouldn't mind it, I guess. I'm so indecisive I can't even. And okay this issue is overly random lol.

Went to City Square mall and the first proper meal in JB was Friday's lunch at El Migos, a Mexican restaurant that I do not find in KL. :) Had their Cheese Baked Macaroni with Dory, Chicken Teriyaki Burger and a mixed plate consisting of Bruschetta, Onion Rings and Cheese Baked Potatoes with filling.

The before meal shot. In the background is lemon water and carrot juice. :)

Picture of me taken before our movie Elysium. :)

Sweater - Mango // shorts - Padini // flats and bag- Vincci

Wanted to visit Danga Bay because it is said to be one of the attractions of JB on the line (LOL did you watch The Intership?). According to Tim however there isn't anything much to see, so instead we went to see Country Garden.

Country Garden Danga Bay is a developing apartment-style seaside housing area. The place is really pretty and they have an infinity pool! The apartment units are currently on sale and according to the salesman they are selling fast. Messaged my dad and told him about the apartment and the price etc and he replied me, you think your daddy is very rich ahh? Lol.

Posing on the beach. A must.

Sea turtles and I. :) I posted this picture on Instagram and I can't believe people actually think that they are real LOL.

Mr. Sea turtle how I wish you were real but you were too clean and shiny to be real. :(

People even thought the giant blue crabs were real lol.

Lovely place really. :)

House hunting. :P We went to see all the show houses of different apartment layouts. The apartments were small but beautifully decorated. In the future I wouldn't want to have my family home in an apartment though. Not enough space for the children and dogs. I need a backyard and parking spots outside my front door tyvm.

That evening I got to meet Tim's family for the very first time. :) We had dinner together at a beautiful Chinese restaurant and then came to Just Want Coffee for coffee and dessert.

Address: No.3, Jalan Permas Utara, Bandar Permas Jaya, 81750 Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Had the house special Soy Cheese Cake and their Waffles with Strawberry Ice-cream. :) I don't remember the exact name of the drink, but if I remember correctly it had tiramisu and Brandy in it. Food shots here are below par, apologies. Rate this place 8/10.

Went to their Facebook page and found out that they will be having a Just Want Coffee, The Garden branch soon. :D

A picture of Uncle Auntie, and Teri. :)) They are a fun bunch to be with! It was a lovely evening.

One last pic with Tim to end this post. :) I should be researching for my assignment and reading Law stuff but here I am blogging instead. I need more time in a day! Fml.

With all the love,