Thursday, October 24, 2013

Performance with TUDC for Taylor's Business School

Performed with the Dance Club for Taylor's Business School Welcoming Gathering back on 1st October. :)

The theme was Back To School and the theme provided for us was Big Bully Yellow. Hence, the we all dressed in yellow and black and the guys wore Varsity jackets to look more bully-like(?). Pictures credit to Ben Lau. Even though I personally think that they are over-contrasted, thanks for the pictures nonetheless! :P

Picture credits to Izzaz. Thanks!

Here's the performance video for that day! :)

I don't take for granted the chances I get to perform, but I need to learn to 'treat your every performance like your last'. So anyways, the girl style dance credits to Jessika back home. Thank you for teaching this choreo in your Street Jazz class and made me fall so in love with it! Hope the business school students enjoyed the performance. (link of video)

There was a super lovely activity held that day. Everyone was given a candle each. The organizers lit the candles of the lecturers and asked them to pass the flame to the student to signify how knowledge is passed from one to another. 

Such a meaningful activity! But to no surprise we abused it lol by blowing out each other's candle flame while protecting our own candles. And I took the opportunity to take pictures with everyone. :B

With all the love,

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