Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Resolution 2014 + 2013 Review

Random picture of me with make up on to start my post for today lol. On the last day of the year (Changed the date to 1/1/2013 for easier trackingI'm here to review my new years resolution 2013 written here and to see if any of these are actually achieved. :) 

1. Do better in my Law course and be more ready for my upcoming exams

I guess this refers to my Semester 2 and 3 of law school. See how I make my studies a priority as I set it as the first in my list of resolutions? Lol. But in an honest note, I do not think I did better. :( I love what I learn everyday, every topic is very new and interesting to me. I just don't find that I do enough to be best at what I'm doing. I know if I put more effort, I can be so much better. Strive for betterment in Sem 4!

2. Be more active in my university life, make more memories and expand social network. 

I am active in my uni's dance club TUDC and I became the BOD which is an achievement for me! I've performed dancing in Uni many many times and people, even my lecturers, start to know me as a dance person. :) Teaching Girlstyle in the club helped me to be able to share what I know to the girls who have interest and no platform to learn. I'm still learning to and trying to get better myself but it is a very good opportunity.

Also, I never mentioned this in my blog before, but I got accepted into my Uni's Elite Team in the TMC Taylor's Music Club as a singer. The Elite Team represents those that are eligible to perform in the name of TMC and I'm so happy I got accepted! First live singing performance was with Blake as my guitarist at a small Uni event. I never worked with musicians as I always sing with karaoke accompaniment. In 2014 I aim to have bigger stages to perform on and be more confident at singing live with musicians.

3. Be more active in dance and improve myself. 

One notable thing though was the fact that I've participated in a real dance competition for the first time ever with my dance club mates, D2M Competition 2013. We worked hard together and even though we did not make it to the finals, this is an experience gained and this is an achievement for myself as I've always always always wanted to participate in a dance competition with a group of talented people. :) Will update about this and post the video up soon!

Aside from teaching dancing, I didn't really have much time to learn more dance for myself. This will be my goal for next year as I think I've regressed in my dancing, so let's consider this only partly achieved. :( I wanna learn more styles of dance and be comfortable at freestyles.

4. Get in shape and achieve my ideal weight.

Nope, and on the contrary I think I gained some weight *sighhhhh!!! New year resolution 2014 lol.

5. Be more sociable and outgoing.

I've always considered myself to be quite sociable and outgoing though not as much as I hope to be, so I'm not sure how to judge this.

6. Learn to save money from monthly allowance. No empty bank account. 

Mehhhh I don't want to comment on this lol. I think I shopped less compared to Sem 1 and 2 but I tend to use my money more on good food and leisure nowadays, which is better I guess? All in all I think I know how to manage my money better now. I managed to save money from my allowances and get my Tim a good Christmas present which I am very proud of! Will blog about Christmas soon. :)

7. Drink less Starbucks.

Didn't happen.

8. Eat less McDonalds.

Didn't happen.

9. Cry less, laugh more. Be optimistic. 

Yes!! I am more optimistic nowadays, a big big thanks to The Secret and all that law of attraction stuff. I'm so thankful I've came to learn about this. I really believe it works and I've become so much happier after learning it and applying it in my daily life. I'm so glad Tim share this belief too, he is brought up with this teaching which is very good. I've given up preaching it however because people I taught it to are usually very skeptical about it sigh. But I will surely teach this to my children in the future. :)

10. Spend more time with family, boyfie and Vanilla before leaving home again. 

This referred to the time before I came back for sem 2 and 3 and this was definitely achieved because all my time home was given to them every time I go back. They are my priority. :)

11. Explore new places in Malaysia like Penang, Malacca , Johor etc. 

This is quite awesome actually as I've actually been to the three exact places listed above at the start of 2013 lol. Penang with Allysha and Tim, trips to Johor which is Tim's hometown and also Malacca which I visited only yesterday. Will blog about it soon!

12. Trip to a new country. 

Taiwan!! :)) Will finish blogging about it soon! Haha oh man so many pending posts zzz.

13. Continue to be thankful with life no matter what might happen. 

Uni gang left for the UK and it is really sad as I felt really really alone at first. But I'm glad I have Angeline, she is a blessing for me. :) I'm also thankful for Vincent and Patrick even though we are not as close.

A very sad thing happened in 2013 and I was crushed because I was so certain about everything but in the end it fell apart. I admit that I handled the issue wrongly and apart from me getting hurt, I accidentally hurt some people along the way. I'm glad the issue is behind me now, even though sometimes in the middle of the night it will still pop up and kill me a little inside. Despite it all I am glad I was brave enough to walk away from something emotionally abusive towards myself.

14. Overcome insecurities.

Insecurities will always be here but I sense improvement and I will continue to work on it. This will be a lifelong journey so I won't give it a tick for now. :)

The highlight of my 2013 was the fact that I found Tim, and I've never been happier. :) We've officially been together for 4 months now! Haha I apologize that lately all my blog posts contain this man but I'm sure you can tell that I am very very happy lately. :)

Tim is truly a blessing and I'm so thankful to have him. For once, I am being treated right and he is all that I could ask for in a man. The fact that he is mine seems so surreal at times. This relationship looks very promising and I'm going to cherish it with all of my heart. 2014 comes long distance again *cries* but we will leave this relationship in God's hands and see where He brings us.

And that wraps up the review of my 2013 new year resolutions! I think I did quite well as I managed to get ticks on a lot of my aims. :) Some times I doubt the reason behind having to make new year resolutions because I don't think people actually adhere to them. But to look back, it is good actually to make a resolutions list to give yourself something to reflect upon at the end of each year. I'm glad I did mine.

Now here's a short list of my New Year resolutions for 2014. :) (Reviewed on 15/1/2013)

1. Work hard in law school and successfully get into my desired university in the UK.
2. Attend all lectures and tutorials (even if I do not like the lecturer)
3. Keep improving myself in dancing and join more competitions.
4. Maintain a healthier lifestyle.
5. Become a patient and well-tempered person. 
6. Expand my blog and to involve in more blogger events.
7. Achieve my ideal body. *bikini maybe?*
8. Explore my new found love for makeup and improve my makeup skills.
9. Learn to play the piano properly.
10. Learn a new language.
11. To make new friends and not to be afraid to start conversations with new people.
12. Overcome a bad habit that I've been wanting to.

I will work harder to improve myself in the upcoming year. Thank you for reading this lengthy post! Thank you for reading my blog and continue to grow with me. Let's work hard together and strive to be a better version of ourselves! Happy New Year 2014! Love you all. :)

With all the love,


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