Thursday, December 19, 2013

Taiwan Diary: Lavender Cottage 薰衣草森林

Our first stop of the first morning in Taichung was Lavender Cottage 薰衣草森林, Xin She 新社. :)

We departed from our hotel right after breakfast and went straight into the mountains to our destination. To get there it took us around 2 hours of car ride and it was really convenient for us because we booked a personal taxi to bring us around. But if you have not, according to the website, To get there: you have to take a No. 207 bus from Taichung Railway station to 中興嶺  and then transfer to another shuttle bus when you reach there. And you need to make reservation with the shittle bus. It sounds very tiring I'm glad we didn't have to go through that!

According to our driver, there are a lot a lot of tourists attractions around the area of Xin She and it would take us forever to finish visiting them. So he narrowed down our stops to our original plan which is the Lavender Cottage and also recommended the Carton King Creativity Park 纸箱王创意园区. :)

Entrance fee was NT200 per person and with the ticket you will get a NT200 worth of vouchers to be spent in the shops there. The guy in the checkered shirt was our driver for the day btw!

Taking pictures with the famous Lavender Cottage teddy bear at the entrance. Was laughing in the 2nd picture because I accidentally placed the teddy's hand under the automatic insect repellent dispenser and it got sprayed lol. LOL love Tim's picture with the teddy btw!

Press a button and it will spray you with scents to 'cleanse' away bad energy. :)

The very very pretty lavender garden. :) To be honest, I stupidly expected to see a big field of lavenders like what we see in the movies but it was such an impractical thought as we were high in the mountains zzz. It was not as big as I hoped to see nonetheless it made the place smell really really good.

Another hill with freshly grown lavenders. :)

When you get to the top you will see a big tree where you can make wishes. :) Wonder what would happen to all the wish cards if it rains though...

Than you Teri for this picture. I love it. :)

We then stopped at this beautiful outdoor eatery to rest and have some desserts. The vouchers were used to pay for the food items. Had the marble cheese cake and the ice cream of Lavender and Blueberry Yogurt flavors.

Here you can also post postcard to anywhere in the world. Pay with the vouchers a certain amount for 3 postcards and they will send them out for you. My family back in Kuching received the one I sent them. :)

The whole place was so pretty I enjoyed visiting here very much! Thank you Tim for including this in our itinerary. :) 

Before leaving, we spent the rest of our vouchers at the gift shop where we got a lavender scent fragrance bag for the car, Lavender oil-blotting paper and some other stuff. But there are a lot more to choose from like shampoos and shower gels, soaps and candles etc.

Tel: 04-25931066
Fax: 04-25931566

On our way down the mountain, our taxi driver brought us to this mushroom hotpot restaurant to have our lunch. :) Apparently mushroom hotpots are very famous around this area of Xin She and there are many along the roads.

There were a few choices of soup bases to choose from and we didn't know anything so we went for the chinese herbs one. The whole meal was about NT1500 if remembered correctly. We ordered the salty stream prawns and sausages as sides and they provided free flow of tea and rice.

A very tam chiak picture of us lol.

That's better! Food was good and we felt that this healthy meal somewhat compensated our uncontrolled dirty eating of street foods from Feng Chia last night *full of guilt.

Dessert was my favourite Taro balls and around the area we could see a lot of paper windmills along the main roads to advertise for the Carton King Creativity Park 纸箱王创意园区, which I will talk about in my next Taiwan post. :)

P/s Finals for Semester 3 ended YAY! Hello holidays!

With all the love,

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