Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas in KL

Actual Christmas itself was spent in Singapore/Johor but the period before that I visited most of the main malls in Kl to shop and see their Christmas decorations. :) 

Sorry I had to cram everything in a post because I didn't have time due to exams and the travelling after exams. Before we start I wanna thank Tim for driving me around and patiently waiting for me while I shop for clothes. I bugged him to bring me shopping whenever I get the chance to lol. Seriously, I can spend ages in fitting rooms and for the same brand I can spend ages in different outlets which is ridiculous because they have similar things lol so thank you again Tim!

First stop was Pavilion and it was crazy crowded as always. There were a lot of people wanting to take pictures with the decorations and I got blocked a few times and it somewhat ruined my mood that day. Still, Pavilion's Christmas decoration was really extravagant and pretty both inside and out I really love it! They also have a carousel which is always magical and fairy-tale like.

One taken with poor Santa who had his face painted white and the Santa's Helper with an awkwardly puffy backside.

Dinner that evening was at Mitasu once more. :D Love their sashimi, love their green mussels, love their garlic fried rice. As blogged about here, I complained about not having enough Salmon as I only ordered two rounds of 5 pieces. This time round I ordered one round of 15 pieces and another round of 10 pieces which was awesome but disgusting towards the end because I got myself too full.

Last time round after finishing the mains we ordered one each the 5 flavors of ice cream as dessert. This time we somehow were more stuffed than the last so we decided to only order the Black Sesame and Green Tea. After waiting quite awhile for it, we asked the waiter to bring us the ice creams we ordered. After finishing those two, we decided we could have a little more so we got two more which was the Strawberry and Vanilla. Then, Black Sesame and Green Tea were delivered once more and we were like whyyyyyyyy. What happened was, when we asked the waiter to bring us our ordered ice cream he thought we were making a new order zzz. So much for being more stuffed than the last visit, we ended up eating 6 bowls which was more than what we had last time round lol.

At Sunway Pyramid with their famous fairy wings photo booths which I'm sure you've been seeing a lot on social medias lately.

Another trip at Sunway Pyramid with the Wings of Hope. :)

Super cute Teddy Bear themed Christmas decorations at Paradigm Mall. :) 

Went for our usual movie date together to catch Captain Philips. 

It was an awesome movie! Story plot was simple but so intense. :') Cried but no hands to hold- because tickets for consecutive seats ran out but we didn't want to push it off any longer cuz we've been wanting to catch this film for ages. Hence, Tim and were seated separately for the first time ever which was really sad. :C

Christmas decorations at Mid Valley Megamall was really pretty too! 

Lunch that day was at Food Garden. :) Had carbonara, pineapple fried rice and shaved ice. Tim said this place used to be packed with people so it's sad to see it being so empty now.

Fancy Christmas Tree full of burgundy Christmas present boxes at The Gardens.

Last but not least, 1Utama Shopping Mall with its hot air-balloon themed Christmas decorations. Bev and bf Zac visited KL for Comic Fiesta 2013 and during their free day we brought them here. :)

Lunch was pleasant! They had their first try of Nando's which has become one of Tim and I our usual lately. :) I am not to fond of spicy but I can take their Extra Hot Peri-peri. Hence, we ordered for them Hot Peri-peri still they found it too spicy.

Love these pictures taken at Chocolicious. :) 

Left around six that evening. It was peak hour and I offered to drive back. :) 

My restless and starting-to-get-annoyed face after 1 hour plus of driving in the jam lol. Love this picture because of Tim's silly kissy face haha.The two were soundly sleeping in the back seat and Tim stayed awake to accompany me.

And that's all for my Christmas-related trips in Kl! Bye bye for now. :)

With all the love,

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