Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas 2013: Singapore x JB

My Christmas Eve this year was spent in Singapore. I wanted to spend my Christmas count down in Singapore with Tim and he made it happen once again. :) This post may sound repetitive for readers who also follow me on my Dayre because this post is rafted accordingly to what I've blogged about in my Love this festive looking picture of myself with the background overlooking Clarke Quay.

Went down to Singapore from JB with Tim's parents and they dropped us off at Orchard Rd. From there we traveled to Bugis and did a little shopping there. Sales were also as crazy in Singapore but decided not to get too many things cuz I figured we'd have to carry the bags with us the whole day. So smart right! Had a youngster take our picture for us. He cropped away the top of the tree but it's a nice picture still thank you!

Second stop was Marina Bay Sands. Had lunch at their food court and then dessert at Au Chocolat. :) The red velvet cheesecake was really good! This place is as lovely as how I remembered it the first time I visited.

In front of the food court, they transformed the wax skating ring into a space filled with Christmas decorations.

Pictures from the outside. Very very pretty! Tim was very tempted by the casino lol but I was drawn to the infinity pool and sky garden accessible only to the hotel guests. One day Tim, one day. :)

When the sun has set, we then went to visit Gardens By The Bay. It is a pretty garden space with artificial trees and lights all over them. The ring of light was actually a bridge for tourists to walk on. Last time when I was there Gardens By The Bay was still not built and I only know of this place from Janice's blog. If you are reading this, thanks for the intro! :D

We caught the show of flashing lights from the trees accompanied by dramatic music of different themes at 745pm that evening. The show is available daily at 745 and 845pm.

Our next stop was Clark Quay. We traveled there via the River Cruise for SGD7 each. We got to sit at the end of the boat which was an outdoor area. The weather and the view of the city from the boat were both spectacular.

Bought our Christmas hats there for SGD5 each. Didn't see anyone else wearing a golden Christmas hat that evening but it's okay I think mine was really pretty. :) Tim wore his like a beanie and it looks so adorable! We also tried the new Tiger Radler which is a new beer from Tiger with a hint of lemon. I personally dislikes beer but this was actually nice.

Stop for another round of dessert at Coffee Club, The Central to have their signature Mud Cake. :)

Last stop was Orchard Rd where we stayed to count down. It was crowded as usual and we were tired and lazy so we waited and talked in Mcd till 1145 only then we joined the crowd. There was no counting down to Christmas and we didn't buy snow sprays to play with so we just stood among the people there till the clock on our phones hit 12 then took the train back lol.

It was a pleasant night filled with Christmas songs and loads of candy and it was the first time I spent my Christmas at a church gathering. :) Supposedly we were to spend our Christmas evening having dinner with Tim's family. However, Tim's sister was performing at their church's Christmas celebration and invited us over so we went there instead.

Presents time! This was Tim and Is' first Christmas together and we decided on getting each other a present of choice. We exchanged wishlists and used it as a guide.

For Tim's present, he wanted street wear shoes/ clothes/ pants so I got him this beautiful pair of Converse from Juice KL, Bangsar Village. It's in burgundy and are made of leather, suede and all that. I loved the choice myself and I'm glad he loves his gift. :))))

My Christmas present from Tim is the Urban Decay Vice 2. :DD

It was a tough choice and we only got this after Christmas because I was really really REALLY indecisive on what I want. In the end he wanted to get me one from my wishlist but I decided that it was not time for that yet lol. The choice between Naked 3 and Vice 2 also took me ages to make. I'm sure I gave Tim a real hard time and loads of stress lol. All that apart, I love the present! Can't wait to experiment with it. :)

Lastly, we both got new wallets for Christmas. :)) Mainly because both our old wallets were falling apart. Tim got me mine and Tim's parents got him his.

It was an awesome Christmas! I love spending time with Tim and I'm so thankful for every holiday spent with him. :)

With all the love,

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