Thursday, January 16, 2014

Taiwan Diary: Carton King 纸箱王 + 鹿港摸乳巷

On the second day in Taiwan, after our visit to Lavender Cottage we went to visit the Carton King Creativity Park 纸箱王创意园区. :) Carton King is a tourist attraction with almost everything in there made with paper/ cardboard boxes material and one very very pretty feature of the park is that they have tons of paper windmills all around the grounds.

The Animal Kingdom with animals all made up of cardboard. It's an interactive zone that when you walk past the animals their sounds ie. meeehhhhhh will be played lol.

Tim playing cool as tiger Jong Kook and imitate the signature of giraffe Kwang Soo.

Walkway surrounded with paper windmills. Love!

Paper parrot with its paper-made bird house.

Favourite picture of the bunch! Thank you Teri for snapping this for us. :)

At the open air center of the park where you will see paper-made models of monuments from around the world ie. the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower. A lot of nice pictures to be taken here. :)

On the sturdy cardboard-made rocking horses found in the display corner of the souvenir shop. Loads of other interesting things to see in the shops as well!

Cool displays of characters from Batman, Monsters Inc and Spongebob Squarepants assembled using paper blocks.

A huge cardboard box train for display.

In the souvenir shop they sold individual cardboard blocks of different alphabets and symbols. Tim formed an I-love-U and got it for me as souvenir. #melts

We really enjoyed visiting this park. There is also a similar themed restaurant where you sit on cardboard, eat and drink from cardboard using cardboard utensils which sounds really intriguing. We didn't eat there though but I think it would be a really nice experience. For more information, visit :)

After Carton King, we visited 鹿港老街 which is a well-maintained old township and said to be one of Taiwan's historical landmarks. There are tons of shops selling all types of traditional pastry and tidbits. Some famous dishes found here are oyster pancakes 蚵仔煎 and yam balls 芋丸. That's our taxi driver there in the checkered shirt, who enjoyed his visit with lots of food bought lol.

Taxi driver told us that a unique tourist attraction was nearby called the Mo-Lu Lane 摸乳巷 (Direct translation: Boobies touching lane). The name itself was intriguing enough so we made a turn and went to see it. Taxi driver told us the come-about of the lane but apparently it was his first time there as well.

Story was, there was a narrow lane between two buildings that only accommodated a person's width one at a time. Back then, when people were passing through it and meet in the middle of the lane, they had to turn side ways to let each other through. And it's awkward when a men meet a woman because the chest area would brush against each other. Sooner or later the name of the lane hence became 摸乳巷.

Looking to where the arrow on the sign was pointing at, we saw this street. And we were like, okayyyy not as narrow as we imagined it to be. Not narrow at all so to say, and how would people brush chests on a street like this lol. When we were about to turn back and go home, I walked on and found the correct lane as below.

We were like, ohhhhhhhh now this makes more sense. Lol, cool isn't it. 

Last stop of the day was 新光三越 Shopping Mall and Sogo Mall. We had dinner there then went back to the hotel. Our taxi driver for the day was good except when on the way back, he started to talk about weird awkward topics.

He told us about his trip to China with a bunch of guy friends 'to do what guys do', and how his tour guide earns commissions for bringing the guys to the right places and offer protection against scams towards tourists so they could get what they wanted for the best bargain zzz. And then he went on and told Tim if the sister wasn't here/ was older then he could bring us to night clubs and that if I, the girlfriend wasn't here he could bring him to find some fun zzz. We girls in the backseat just dry giggled at the disturbing stories lol.

Went back to our hotel after that and then went straight to Feng Chia Night Market for the last time for more food and bargain shopping because it was our last night in Tai Chung *sobs. And once again we had this chicken thigh which I've recommended in my post earlier here. Tried a different sauce but was as good. Must have must have!

Stay tuned for more Taiwan! Good night readers xx.

With all the love,

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