Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day this year for me was expected to be like any other normal day. 

Since I'm on my sem break while Tim has started classes, we are away from each other between mid January to March, until I return to KL to continue my degree. Hence, we won't be able to celebrate our very first Valentine's Day together! It was even more devastating when we acknowledged the fact that we may not be able to spend Valentine's Day next year together as well. :C

Working on Tim's simple Valentine gift - heart shaped almond cookies topped with milk chocolate and chocolate chips.

The card I made for him and and the cookies I packed, were both ready for me to bring over to KL for him in March. Did a plating of the cookies for him, only to shoot a picture and send it to him on the midnight of the 14th. :C

Miserable, isn't it? :C But Tim was really sweet, as he prepared a present for me and asked me to look forward to my present by mail at home that day.

When I woke up in the afternoon of the 14th, I received a video from Tim recorded in his room telling me to look forward to the present, and that there'd be more to come. After the video, I went to take my bath.

When I went back to my room after my bath, I found Tim standing right there behind the door! I gave a loud yelp, immediately burst into tears and rushed into his arms. Can't believe he flew here to celebrate Valentine's with me! It's been a month since I've last seen Tim and his wide-eyed face when he saw me saw him behind the door, I will never forget it. One of the best moments in my life. :')

With Tim, my present came. My first Pandora bracelet and my favourite white rose. :) 

No wonder he kept asking me to stay home and wait for my present. He IS the present. Gosh, when I now think back to that moment tears still come rushing to my eyes. Mum and Sis were in with the plan since weeks before and it was really awesome how I couldn't tell from anything. How could you go about everyday for the past few weeks without having me suspect a thing, Mummy? I was just touched beyond words. :')

I've wanted a Pandora bracelet since forever! But I love love love the present because of the thought behind the gift- Tim has planned this out since months ago. :') He gave me the bracelet and charms in their boxes separately because he wanted me to have the privilege of adding them together myself.

With the bracelet he got me two beautiful charms, the Key to My Heart and the Love, Faith and Hope Trinity charms. He is so thoughtful and both the charms are so meaningful I love them. :')

The meaning of the first charm is self-explanatory and it is very sweet of him to pick that. We will most probably be having LDR soon and I am that insecure person when comes distance. Tim understood that and hence the reason for the second charm. :') Plus, the particular charm was out of stock everywhere! He looked for it hard and the one he got was the last piece at the particular branch.

Reunited after one long long month. :') Felt like a dream! We both got ready to head out to dinner together. And Tim's hair is growing into the hairstyle that I love. So handsome, gosh. :B

Our dinner that evening was at Bla Bla Bla. :) 

Always mixed up between The Junk and Bla Bla Bla, I expected western but it turned out to be fusion cuisine. We had Lamb with Special Chinese Brown Sauce, Salty Squid with rice and Root Beer Floats. The place was fully booked not particularly for Valentine's Day but for Chap Goh Mei, a lot of families were having dinner there but hence the lack of Valentine decorations. It was a really pleasant meal together.

For dessert we went to Tom's. :) 

Their Valentine's decoration on the other hand was really pretty, with a pink rose in an empty wine bottle and rose petals laid across the table. Had their Triple Chocolate Cheese Cake and Irish Cream Latte. The cake was really good especially the salty cookie base. Will most definitely come back for more dessert and to try their mains maybe!

After dessert we went to catch a newly released romance movie, Endless Love.

I thought I'd cry a river over this flick as I have for all other romance films but in fact, I didn't. I think I've grew more skeptical and this 'summer fling= true love' story plot didn't get to me. The most memorable love movie for me to date would have to be the Time Traveler's Wife. Omg it was so touching I can't recall how many times I've cried throughout the entire movie. But with this movie, there is no room for comparison. (I feel extremely chatty today don't mind me!)

Our OOTD/ couple shots. :) Happy Keryn was really really really happy!

Tim stayed for the weekend and on Saturday, he joined me at a cousins' gathering. :D He got to finally meet with most of my close cousins and everyone got along well. It was really fun! That evening at 101 with the grown ups and the chilling session with the cousins after that were all good. The whole weekend with him around was great, yay. :)

Before his departure back to KL on Sunday evening, we had our final date in Kuching at Hielo. :) (Why do I keep on doing free adverts for Hielo? When are you going to make me your ambassador thank you very much :) lol)

One last thing before I sign off, I found this on the internet the other day lol- Perks of being single on Valentine's Day- and sent it to Tim. His response?

NGAWWWWWW! How can he be so perfect? Best Valentine's Day ever! And that's all for my celebration this year. I'm honestly super thankful for everything. :)

With all the love,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Day Trip to Jonker Street Malacca

Tim and I went to JB and visited Tim's family for the second time last December and our food hunt was blogged about here. On our way back from JB to KL Tim brought me to visit Malacca. I've actually been to Malacca with my parents when I was little but I have no relocation of it, so it once again felt like a first.

White button down - a gift from Tim from Taiwan // shorts- Padini // pink and black Fippers

Went walking around. Saw the Christ Church Melaka and some stalls selling souvenirs.

At the roundabout, saw some rusa that threw Parameswara into the river and made Malacca what it is today.

The Malacca Fort.

The Melaka Sultanate Watermill, the Melaka Maritime Museum and some riverbank scenery. :)

Dinner was Chicken Rice and Ice Cendol. :) First time seeing and trying the famous rice balls which I initially thought were fish balls. The texture of the rice ball was weird for me lol but twas a special experience.

Jonker Street later at night. It was not the Jonker street I used to hear stories about which was sad to see! 

There were supposedly bazaars and crowds of people to give soul to this beautiful place until the road blocked to hold the bazaars was converted back to being just a normal road to ease traffic. Tim was more surprised at the scene than I was. Earlier in the afternoon he was like wow, it was so easy to find a parking spot which was like a miracle on Jonker Street! And he kept telling me excitedly, there would be many stalls up later! Only later had he found out the reason for the empty parking spots. :C

Look at the Jonker Street back then. It's sad that I never got to experience this. I also feel kinda sad for the boutique hotels and stores around the place. (Picture credits to

Tim posing after Datuk Gan, an apparently very famous person in Malacca as there are two statues of him around the place. After some looking into, I found that he is a local politician who was once Mr. Asia in body building, is now the Chairman of the Malaysia Body Building Federation and has a body building academy to his name.

Got these pretty accessories as souvenirs for lol, myself. And that's a wrap for my trip to Malacca! :) 

I love traveling and going to new places with Tim. I'm so thankful for everything. :) Will get back to talking about my Taiwan trip soon! And in my next post I will talk about my beautiful Valentine's Day this year.

With all the love,