Monday, February 10, 2014

CNY 2014

Happy Lunar New Year of the Horse everybody! :)) Even though there are still 6 days of the holidays left, I'm here to wrap up my CNY 2014 early because my Chinese New Year celebrations has almost officially ended lol. Nonetheless I had an amazing cny filled with so much fun and love! Picture above is my current Facebook profile picture. :)

To watch fireworks and burn firecrackers in front of our house are our annual traditions. :) I love this picture of Vanilla and I with fireworks in the background shot by Bev. Vanilla was braver this year, he dared to take a walk on leash around the neighborhood unlike the last. Even though through out the walk his heart was beating really fast and he was tense all over, so proud of him still.

Outfit for Day 1- Simple ankle length red dress with black heels. :) Similar concept with last year's day 1 outfit, only that this year I went for a more mature look with the length of the dress. Makeup was subtle smokey brown, winged eyeliner and brown lenses for the eyes, and a nude lip.

Red dress- bought by sis from KL// heels- Vincci

A picture with the family and one with Vanilla posing handsomely. Love these pictures!

With beautiful Mum. :)

At the cousins' place during the evening. :) Photobombed by Lebbie's fingers lol.

Outfit for Day 2- Floral dress with black heels and golden accessories. Wore my hair curly that day and I loved how it turned out! Makeup was simple brown eye shadow and pink lips achieved with my Revlon lipstick in the shade Berry Rich (Has been obsessed with Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks lately).

Floral dress- Forever 21 // bag- Mango // heels- Vincci // gold bracelet- Lovisa

Super cute scene of Nina (What I love calling Vanilla lately haha which makes him sound even more like a girl if not already) resting on the headrest of the sofa. He likes to jump up to the spot and look out the window but lately he's been resting there often. Too cute, gosh!

Sis and Bro at my uncle's open house.

With Dad at another open house. :)

Synced with Bev to both wear floral dresses that day. :) Coincidentally matched too, with my pair of cousins who wore floral bustiers that day as well.

On the evening of Day 2, had our relatives over to have steamboat at my home. Love it whenever the house is packed with people! Mum entertained the adults, Bev and I the young adults and Perry the youngsters lol. And as known by everyone my Mum is an awesome baker, the 3 cheesecakes Mum made for CNY was devoured by the people visited our house that night (which directly translates to: no more for me :C).

With my loves. :) Themed black so I wore my casual black printed romper from Cotton On. Stood out unintentionally for they all had full black dresses on..

Went visiting with the Form 6 Science 1 gang while catching up after not meeting for so long. :)

Hello Jong, haven't seen you in such a long time! :) He is my ex-husband during my Form 6 years haha *obviously a joke. Our usual topic when we meet each other starts with, eh you gained weight ah?

New friend William, who has super nice skin and knows a lot a lot of people. :)

Picture from Facebook taken when Jojo visited. :) Haven't seen him for like a year plus. Please eat more okay!!

Outfit for Day 4 evening- Matched with the sister again in a white x red x white ensemble. :)

Top- Sunway Pyramid Asia Avenue // skirt- Scott Garden KL // white heels- Nose // bracelet- gift from TY

With the little brother who is growing so fast and is already taller than me even when I'm in heels! :0

With the cousins again! :B

What is image? x1

What is image? x2 featuring Mum.

For Day 5's outfit I went a little retro. :) Button down- Bugis Street Singapore // High waisted shorts- H&M

Got close again to these two during this holidays and have since then watched 2 movies together. :) Monkey King was a horrible movie and I do not recommend it at all. From Vegas to Macau was supposedly a movie about gambling but there wasn't really a lot of gambling scenes. was a nice comedy still! Rate it a 7/10.

On the 7th Day of CNY, I went to watch a show organised to celebrate the Malaysia-China bond of 40 years held at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.

You can't really see it from the pictures, but I was wearing a blue smokey eye to match my Kimono cardigan. Experimented with my Vice 2 palette using Prank and Madness on my eye lids and Rewind to blend them out. First time wearing so much blue on my eyes haha but I think it turned out alright. :)

With Bev and Zac and a snapshot to sum up the performances we watched that evening. 

OOTD shot failed thanks to Zach lol. 

P/s I made the kimono cardigan myself! Kimono cardigan is a new spring trend in the western countries but it cannot be found here yet, so instead I made one myself lol! I'm quite proud of it actually wheeee even if the stitching is a bit off heh. :) I want one more in black floral, hopefully will get myself to start on it soon.

Lastly on this post, the most recent movie I've watched was RoboCop. It was really good I loved it! In my opinion it suits a wide variety of audiences. The action for the guys and the emotional stuff for the ladies. Rate it 8/10. Btw, go watch my version of RoboCop running on my Instagram lol (find in sidebar).

That's about all for my Chinese New Year this year. :) It was a simple celebration but I really really enjoyed it! If I successfully get transferred to a UK university later this year, then I won't be able to celebrate CNY home next year so I do cherish this period of time so so much! Hope everyone had a nice holiday as well!

With all the love,


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