Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Taiwan Diary: 台北101 国父纪念馆 淡水 西门盯

A selfie with the iconic Taipei 101 to start of my post today. :) It was my 4th day back in Taiwan and it was a busy first day in Taipei itself!

We left Jiufen in the morning and within an hour's time, we reached Taipei Ximending- the place we called home for our last two nights in Taiwan. Pictures above are the Taipei's Times Square and Red House Theater 西门红楼. I always loved places crazy filled with billboard adverts, they never fail to look so colorful and alive. And no fair they have a 4-storey Watson so lucky. TT

Tim and I in couple attire that day! We never really fancied those super exactly couple outfits but prefer using the similar elements instead. We wore together our blue-striped tops. :) (Ignore our swollen faces it was really early in the morning we only woke up not long ago lol)

After settling our things in the hotel, we first visited the National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall 国父纪念馆. :)

When we arrive, we were in time to watch the Changing of the Guards ceremony 仪队交接 in the entrance hall where the giant monument was seated.  The whole ceremony as such takes about 10 minutes for the guards to switch posts to guard the monument in turns. The soldiers were really strong and disciplined and displayed a sync riffle play.

Me in the museum with the 国民政府建国大纲 as my background. :D

The outside of the Memorial Hall.

Did I mention that Tim and I were in couple attire that day? :P

Tim's top was from Gap I think, brought over from back home.While the blue and white stripped top I wore was bought from Feng Chia night market, matched with short jeans and leggings.

The front yard of the Memorial Hall, a perfect place to have good pictures taken with the Taipei 101 building. :) The Chiang Kai-sek Memorial Hall 中正纪念堂 is also a historical landmark and tourist attraction site but we didn't make a trip there.

Taipei City Hall.

Made our way to the Taipei 101 building on foot from the memorial hall and had our lunch there. Also, a candid of me taken by Tim in the toy store.

Then we went to visit Tamsui 淡水, also a famous place always seen and heard on tv. We ate, shopped and hung around there till after sun set.

While I was off doing my own shopping, Tim got me this set of Sophisca chocolates from the Tamsui branch gift shop. :) It was the same type of chocolates as the 啾咪 chocolate that I got for him in the last post and it was really sweet of him!

After Tamsui we went back to busy Ximending and spent our evening there. :) We later met up with one of Tim's brothers whose currently studying in Taiwan for dinner/supper.

Went to this barbecue place to eat and it was awesome! For the all you can eat dinner it was TWD499 per person (about rm50) but for an additional TWD100 we got to order from the upgraded menu section. We paid TWD599 (rm60) each. 

They also have top notch all you can eat ice-cream counter made up of Haagen Dasz, Movenpick and Meiji ice creams. My fav of the night must be the Movenpick Dark Chocolate I had so many rounds of it I was in heaven!

A small portion of the good stuff we had that night- lamb, beef, pork, seafood and etc etc.

Tim, his home boy酷哥, Teri and I and some the awesome food while cooking on the grill. Mussels topped with cheese make Keryn happy! I had a few rounds of that too. After every buffet you'd regret eating so much but to think back, it was really worth it. :D

And with that it concludes my 4th day in Taiwan! :)

With all the love,

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