Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kueendom | Taylor's Orientation Dance Performance

Last Wednesday evening, I had a dance performance with Kueendom for the Taylor's University Lakeside Campus's March 2014 intake Orientation Party. Intro pic is fav shot of the night!

The Orientation Party is held four times in a year to welcome different batches of new students to the uni. The event is always a chance for the talents in the uni to showcase themselves and gain exposure. I was lucky because I got to perform with Kueendom- an all girl dance crew originated for TDC. It was really sad though, I didn't get to represent TUDC (Taylor's University Dance Club) at the event because the club didn't a chance get to perform. :(

P/S I'm the third one from the left with the denim jacket tied around the waist.

Makeup that night was a simply smokey cat eye. :)

Introducing the pretty and talented girls from Kueendom! Vida, Yiwei, Sue, Yy and Becca. :)

Performance pictures. :) It an awesome performance and the support from the crowd made it so much better. Such a huge, responsive crowd it couldn't possibly get any better than that!

For some reason the photographers liked to take pictures from the behind, maybe their reason was to take in the crowd as well. But when you watch the video you will see the photographers moving around in the background while we dance which to me is really amusing! Pictures credits to the TUOL team.

Self-reflection: I need to smile more during dance performances. My face always looked like people owe me money- ALOT of money lol. And I have to be less self-conscious whenever I'm on stage. Link to the performance video is here :) 

Some of the pictures taken with the (male) participants of the Orientation Party that evening.

Then we took some pictures at the Bohemian themed photo booth. TUDC gang + boyfie came to support the performance! :) First picture was when the photographer said to us, "Girls, don't face your legs straight towards the camera cuz that will make them look *actions wide*". Second picture, we were fast learners. :P

More happy faced shots and not forgetting one with the boyfie. :)

A usual messy haired selfie before signing off tonight. :) Note that my hair is shorter now! 

Once again, the performance video here! Do check it out! :)

With all the love,

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