Friday, April 18, 2014

The Origins x Hiruscar Dance Competition 2014

Okay update! The Origins is taking part in another dance competition- Hiruscar Post Acne Step Up Dance Competition. :) 

Most of the old members of The Origins are taking part in this competition plus we have many additional faces! A team of 13 talented dancers is representing the crew for this flash mob styled dance competition.

Tomorrow we will be having our video shoot with the Hiruscar Post Acne crew for the formal audition video. We have been practicing every night for 2 weeks now and we are ready to kick ass in the video shoot tomorrow! The audition video will be released on May 5th and the top 10 liked audition videos will entitle the teams to enter into the finals to fight for the grand prize of RM5000. So guys, your support will be needed!

For now, do check out the introduction video to our crew! :) If you want to watch the introduction videos to the other teams, go to YouTube and search for the Hiruscar Post Acne page. :)

Thank you in advance everybody! Wish us luck. :)

With all the love,

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