Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tim's 21st Birthday

Tim turned 21 earlier this month! :)

Big 2-O I really wanted to do something special for him on the first birthday we are celebrating together. But to be honest with so many birthday surprises going on among the friends, it is almost hard for anyone to not expect getting a surprise on your birthday (I made it sound like a bad thing but in a way it really is lol). I didn't book a restaurant because it would have been too obvious. I had to make sure I think of something special so that Tim wouldn't suspect a thing.

So then this happened. :D In case you are lazy to watch the 2 minute video, this was what happened on that day. I brought Tim out for a movie date said to celebrate his birthday, my treat. We watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman. And just in case the video doesn't work, link is here.

Busy whatsapping the friends days before to sort out details. While that, I had to make sure Tim didn't get my phone and see anything he was not supposed to lol. Had Vida help me buy the movie tickets earlier so I was able to tell friends with certainty to gather at the exit of the cinema hall at the time when movie was bout to end. 

Couldn't concentrate on the movie because I was so nervous. Had to text friend and get camera ready when we were leaving the cinema hall. When we got out of the hall, friends then jump out with a cake and sang happy birthday for him. :D 

Tim was really happy at the surprise and so happy boyfriend= happy Keryn! :) I also kept thanking our friends for coming all the way just to sing happy birthday for Tim. So thankful!

We then had a simple dinner at Sinbad, a restaurant that serves Middle Eastern food, where Tim got to cut his melted and fell apart :(  birthday cake.

Then a messy icing war happened. Love this series of pictures! Tagged #hitzselfie thought picture was special enough wanted to win the RM3k Snow Ball so badly but didn't so sad.

Had a few rounds of Avalon at Mcd's before heading back.

Tim doesn't really take selfies. But when he does, he uses your phone and makes sure to take a lot a lot of them LOL.

Won this bottle of champagne when we went to Prodigy a few weeks back. After we got home, we downed the whole thing just the two of us before heading to bed lol. Considered that a little celebration of our own!

On the exact day of Tim's birthday, Tim's dad treated the whole family to Dim Sum buffet at The Prince Hotel. Twas a feast! 

Personally loved the cheese dumplings, carrot cakes, soups and porridge. Almost everyone else loved the yam puffs. Food was really good except Har Kau was too big per portion and the flour crepe for the Chee Cheong Fun was too thick. And and and, there was no Liu Shar Pau. How can you call yourself a dim sum place when you don't have liu shar pao!? Lol kidding no kidding. It was a great meal tho! Tim is already considering going back this Sunday lol.

Birthday boy blew his candles for the third time. :)

Pictures with Tim's family. :)

Had coffee with Tim's family at EspressoLab SS15 before they traveled back to JB in the evening. They serve specialty coffee and handmade cakes. Their Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake (RM15) was awesome!

EspressoLab SS15
Address: B12-G & B12-1, Jalan SS15/8A, 
47500 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-5612 3338

On a separate occasion, Tim finally got his birthday present from me - a Daniel Wellington watch. :) It was the Classic York in silver, a classic and sophisticated beauty. The gift was super belated because he only recently got his car back from the garage.

While in Bangsar, we had dinner at the Alexis Bistro and Wine Bar. :) Had the Beef Noodles, Salmon Sandwich and drinks were Raspberry Soda and Iced Chocolate. 

Food was pleasant and the ambiance of the place was spot on. The place however was too dark to get any good pictures of the humans. While dining, flashes from phones and cameras from every table can be seen throughout the evening lol. Spot lights from the ceiling did justice to the food and the watch though, so no further complaints!

Alexis Bistro and Wine Bar
Address: 29, Jalan Telawi 3,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar.
Tel: 03- 2284 2880

Tim is so lucky to have so many people celebrating his birthday with him. You must have felt pretty special! You should feel special because you are! So cheesy gosh. Hope you enjoyed your 21st birthday love! To the first and more to come!

With all the love,

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