Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hiruscar Dance Competition - VOTE FOR US!

Hello! I am here today to ask my lovely readers to give some support for the dance competition my team and I are joining now. :)

Please vote for #7 The Origins at!

Haha I've no idea how many times have I typed this sentence above. We've worked really hard for it and if we get into finals we will work even harder! Big thank you everyone who has voted for us and thank you in advance to those who are going to! :)

Yesterday night at World Fest event organized by the International Student Council, TUDC x The Origins performed with Ace Girls representing Taylor's University Dance Club. We walked away with 2nd Runner Up for best performance of the night! :)

We used the Hiruscar Dance Competition routine in this performance too but here you can see our choreography clearer! It was an awesome experience performing for such a grand event with my family! We did a great job. :) [Link to the video]

Now, flash back to shooting day of the Hiruscar flash mob video. :)

With the girls and Tim. :)

Group shots! Also a big thanks to TUDC members who joined us as flashmobbers that day.

Some random shots :B

Taken in Paradigm Mall with the gang after the shoot. :)

A selfie to end this blog post! Once again, please show your support and vote for The Origins at! Thank you 

With all the love,

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