Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ippudo Ramen + short thoughts on Friendship

This week is my one-week break and we just came back from spending the weekend at JB. May blog about it, may not- we'll see. Came to campus library to supposedly start on my assignment due Monday but figured, why not update my dusty old blog before that? Will be talking about my first try of Ippudo Malaysia, a Japanese Ramen place located at The Gardens Mall awhile ago with the gang. :)

With Timmy in the car on the way over. Love this series of pictures. :) 

Hahahahaha that face. Sorry Tim I had to, I like this picture a lot. xx

We had a major quarrel on Monday on an issue to me was critical to our relationship's make or break. After the quarrel and some silent moments, I went over to hug him and we both cried. No relationship is perfect. At the end of the day, I know all I want is this beautiful man in my life. His sincerity, transparency, and so much more. I just need to remind myself what made me fall in love with him in the first place, and hold to that.

Lunch buddies were Ferng and WeeSung, both super pattern in the picture tyvm. 

For the ramen, there are three types of tonkotsu (pork bone broth) available with three types of suggested combinations specifically. I cannot remember exactly but if not mistaken, the price for each bowl of ramen ranges from RM20-30.

Not really a ramen person, so I went for their Sake Mentai Rice (Rm11). It is a bowl of rice topped with grilled salmon and cod fish roe, both my favourites! The portion was quite small but sufficient for a girl (me, at least). Really enjoyed the dish. You can have a look at their menu here. :)

Had dessert as Snow Flake before catching a movie after. :)

History time. Us four has been close with each other since the beginning of this year. A thing to note is that coincidentally all of them are from Johor. Maybe I am just lucky with Johor guys haha. Met Tim in the first semester (Aug 2012), got close to him through TUDC, my KL family. Things happened in our separate lives and somehow one thing after another our relationship took off. The best thing that has happened to me. :)

Met Ferng in my second semester (April 2013), when he ambitiously signed up for BOD of the Dance Club without even knowing anyone of us before. I was so timid when I first joined the Dance Club and only when I know the gang I took the courage to sign up for BOD. Takes quite a bit of guts to infiltrate an already super close group of people lol I salute that! He's always been a really confident person, and that is something I've come to appreciate of him.

Then, I got to know WeeSung through Ferng when he transferred to Inti Subang from Inti Nilai this year (Feb 2014), whose appearance was at a super convenient time lol as it was when Tim's car was at the workshop due to a car accident. It was for WeeSung that we still got to travel around and since then, we started hanging out all the time and got really close. A super funny guy with the most 'colourful' vocabulary lol.

We've been hanging out ever since knowing each other but fate is stepping in that it's soon parting time. Tim's graduated, WeeSung is going back to Inti Nilai and Ferng is now back at JB waiting to transfer to the states. 

So soon into the new bond we've formed, already we are going on our separate ways. Will we still be as close as we used to? Who knows. Thinking about this makes me sad. :( The same goes to all the friendships we've formed back in our primary, secondary school years. Some of my primary friends, we don't even say hi to each other when we meet anymore.

Funny thing, friendship. People who used to be strangers suddenly became so close to us, their existence in our lives changed from nothing to becoming something important. There's a saying that goes, 'Talk to strangers. Because the best of friends started off as strangers too.' But at the same time, it's so easy for someone once so important in your life, to suddenly become a stranger again. If friendship is so fragile, what is the point of making friends in the first place? It is to give colour to our lives I guess, be it just for awhile. And this applies to relationships too, I guess.

Haha why am I so melancholy/cheesy today. It was supposed to be a happy ramen post.

Anyways, I really appreciate my friends. New and old. I am so fortunate to have so many good people I meet in my life, whether they are just passersby or here to stay for the long run.  And Ippudo is good! Lol. Do give it a try sometime when you get your ramen cravings. :)

With all the love,

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