Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hiruscar Dance Competition Finals - The Origins

Selfie taken in the morning of Hiruscar Dance Competition Finals. :) On our way to Berjaya Time Square, the venue of the competition.

Alongside 9 other teams, we entered the finals with most votes thanks to all of you supporters! :)

Picture taken with Tim in Sakae Sushi before that. 

Tim looked miserable! He had heavy fever on the eve of the competition and I spent the whole night looking after him. #bestgirlfriendaward He still felt miserable the next morning, poor thing! The pair of cat eyes belongs to YeanWearn, my hot team mate.

Pictures with the mates. I'm sure you can see the theme of our costumes if not already- camo. It's super nice. :) We had to incorporate the Hiruscar tee which was quite troublesome but we made it work! I was wearing a sweater so I just tied my Hiruscar tee behind my butt. We are the only group who had forked out money on our costumes I guess.

Probably can't tell from the pictures, but I wore green eye shadow that day to match the camo theme!

Here is the bee-deoooo of our finals. :) Tell me what you think of our performance! We really put in a lot of effort preparing for the finals I am sure it showed in our performance. I think we did great but sadly, there are a few teams who did really well too.

In the end, The Origins walked away with 2nd Runner Up, in addition to Best Flash Mob Team. :) Thank you The Origins for the opportunity! Love you all.

The Origins and the Taylor Lakeside people and friends who came to support us! 

One with the organizers and all the contestants. Everybody did so good! So proud of having the chance to compete among so many talented dance lovers.

Hung out with friends after that. :) Visited the Batman Exhibition held at Pavilion.

Flash back to World Fest, where The Origins performed and walked away with 2nd Runner Up Best Performance of the night. :)

If you haven't watched the performance vid, here you go! :)

Ending pose for some reason weirdly concentrated on the right side of the stage lol. 

Finished today's post in record-breaking speed because heading to bed soon! Finals in 2 weeks time so this is probably my last blog post till after that. Wish me luck!

With all the love,

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