Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Italiannies Pasta Pizza & Vino, My Happy Place

Italiannies is my happy place, our happy place. :) 

We've had a few dates here so far and each time we leave with good memories and satisfaction in our tummies. Tim's family love the restaurant and he brought me here for the first time way back. I've never eaten in Italiannies with anyone before Tim so it's special for me! The branch we always go to is the one in Paradigm Mall because we always go there for movies dates, and we usually eat here before or after our movie.

One thing that I love about this place is their complimentary white and herb bread with Balsamic vinegar sent to us when we sit down at our table. You can ask for any number of times the bread as you wish. Haha but we no cheapskate, and for once I think, the most we got was 2 plates of bread. But like i said, as many times as you want. :P

Flash back to our first date there. :)) 

Smoked Duck with Buffalo Cheese Pizza from their special menu, Classic Carbonara, and Shrimp and Mushroom Linguine. 

Menu for another evening was Mussels cooked with Fresh Herbs served with bread, Shrimp and Pesto Pizza and the Salmon Fettuccine. I remember we over ordered that evening haha, but the mussels were so good!

The Shrimp and Pesto Pizza was from their special pizza menu. We always opt to try new things but it was so good we had to have it on two separate occasions. Plus Tim's cute selfie from that evening. :)

It was my birthday last Thursday (29th May YAY) and we were out to get dinner then a movie. Guess the restaurant? 

Surprise, surprise!

Opera Cake Tim got me from RT Bakery, and my birthday present from him this year. 

Menu for my birthday evening was Seafood Risotto and Smoked Salmon Pizza. :) Both the dishes consisted of my favourite things and they were so so good!

Initially we wanted to once again order from their special pizza menu but it was not available anymore. :C The Smoked Salmon pizza was from their standard menu but it is equally good so no complaints! It has this sour savory paste as base and it is really flavorful. The onion slices also added some crispy texture.

Messy haired shot with my birthday cake. 

Had a stupid argument with Tim about risotto during the dinner. One thing led to another and it exploded into a huge fight. Ruined the night and in the end I even tweeted, "Italiannies used to be my happy place :'(". But to look back and when we talked about it with each other and with friends, it got us laughing and we realized really how stupid it was. Tim was kind throughout that rough evening though. He is just so patient with my stupidity and immaturity I am really thankful for him! I am really, really loved. :) To reflect upon it, I am not upset anymore. Not upset at all even.

Italiannies used to, is and will always be my happy place. Happy 22nd birthday to me!

Kelana Jay CF-15 & 23, Level C,
Paradigm Mall, No. 1 Jalan SS7/26A,
Petaling Jaya, 47301 Malaysia.
Tel No.: +60 378874677

With all the love,

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