Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Birthday 2014

This is the only proper self shot from my birthday so intro pic it is! My birthday was on 29th May and I really enjoyed my simple celebration. :) Read about my birthday dinner at Italiannies here.

I always think that people deserve to feel special on their birthday. At least once every year, you know? I am the type of person who cannot remember peoples' birthdays and I always get into shit for that lol! And because of that as well, I never really expect people to remember my birthday or get me gifts. I'm blessed though, because I am always made feel special on my birthday every year. Big ways or small. One of the reasons why I love blogging about them.

This birthday involved a lot a lot of heart shaped balloons. 

My birthday eve was a Wednesday and on usual weekday nights, the team had dance practices till late to prepare for our Hiruscar Dance Competition. Which explains the unfab hair and clothing in the pictures. After practice and supper, I came home to this lovely scene of a sea of red balloons on my bed. Before I was done admiring them, Tim came in with my birthday cake and sang happy birthday for me. Super touched! :')

In most of the balloons there were puzzle pieces and I had to pop the balloons to get them. The puzzle pieces joined up into a handwritten birthday wish. :)

I felt sad to be popping the balloons for I'm sure Tim put in a lot of effort to blow all the balloons up. In the end we left one unpopped and it is floating on the floor in my room now. :) The smart boyfriend also taught me a way to pop the balloons without actually popping them because I didn't dare to do so. And that is to make a slit with your scissors at the tied end of the balloon. I didn't know that. Learnt something new!

We saw each other a lot that day he had to make sure his timing was right so that I wouldn't come home to see the surprise before 12. He also only had a limited time to work with because I am only away from home during my morning classes. In addition to my birthday present, he put in the thought and effort to make this surprise happen for me. I'm really blessed and I feel really loved.

Thank you Tim thank you thank you thank you! Super duper gan dong 

Another surprise, the family recorded a birthday video for me.  It was my second time away from home on my birthday and I am really attached to my family so this is really special to me. Mom even made me a cake!

Bev sent the link to me and I cried throughout watching it. :') Correction, I laughed and cried simultaneously while watching it haha. My family is just too adorable! Even though we don't really say I love you and hug each other as much as I would like to, I know the love between us is no less. And it's so nice to see Vanilla too! :') You can only excess to the video here on my blog because it is not listed on YouTube and I wanted to share this with my readers because I love you all lol.

I went Hahahahah when I saw this. Thank you Mom. ♡ 

Mom always send me the bank slip when she sends money over and this time the bank slip was special. Most insincere birthday card ever haha but I received your wish loud and clear. Love you too!

The Dance Club family made it a point to get me a card and cupcakes. :) 

I love receiving cards signed with personalized messages so thank you guys! The cupcakes are Red Velvet and Black Forest bought from a local bakery and they were wrapped in festive silver boxes. Not sure if they knew I love red velvet or was it a coincidence but I really loved them they were really good.

This was another unexpected one! Received a Pandora charm for my bracelet from the girls back home- Bev, Lydia, Tian jie, Ni jie, Lebbie and Angel jie. It is a Murano glass charm with tiny cherry blossoms. Super thoughtful la the girls! Such a lovely addition to my bracelet. :')

Added two new Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks to my collection of lipsticks courtesy of Wee Sung. :) We were at Watsons together and at the counter he offered to pay for them saying that it would be my belated birthday present. Thanks man! Then he went on and on joking about how lucky he was that the bill did not add up to hundreds of ringgits LOL.

The two new ones I got were the Pink Velvet and Rose Velvet, with swatches in the second picture. :) So far I have 5 Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks and I only get the lipsticks from this collection because I love the classic gold black packaging. It is inexpensive but the colors are nice and there is a wide variety of colors to choose from!

Ferng knows how much I love my Nutella so he got me one medium bottle as my present wheeeee. :)

And this was a picture sent from Kuching by bestie Ivelyn. :) 

Haha she got me a present, sent this picture to me and told me to claim it from her when I'm back in Kuching. So thoughtful! She has always been a thoughtful friend to everyone, which explains why she has so many friends. She manages to become close friends with a girl who doesn't talk to people at all and I admire her for that! So lucky to have her in my life. 

Then I received this gift from Sephora. :) It's a mini 4-lip gloss stick made especially for members' birthdays. The colours are nice and the packaging is super cute! The mini size is also so convenient to carry around. Love it! A lovely addition to my lip products collection.


It is now time to thank all the people who has wished me through whatever means. Thank you all so much for your wishes! People are not obliged to wish you happy birthday but they made an effort to do so. I am not just saying this- I really really appreciate each and every one of them. :) 

Every year I will also receive a birthday wish from this friend and without fail in his text this sentence will appear, 'you forgot my birthday again!'. And every year I have replied, 'sorry sorry I will try to remember next year!'. Never happen. Every year when I receive his text i will LOL to myself and sigh, gosh I forgot again. His birthday is on May 17th but I just never manage to remember! Sorry friend~ I appreciate you nonetheless!

Above is one of the more memorable among the Facebook birthday wishes hahah. You don't get to hear people say that to you everyday do you? Shocked to see but flattered at the same time, thank you. :)

I've heard people saying this before, 'if it's not for Facebook people wouldn't remember my birthday!'. That is technically true but people are so busy with their own lives why is it that they have to remember your birthday? I personally think this feature of Facebook is great, and even better when the wishes are from friends you don't really talk to anymore. It gives you a chance to be in touch. Be it they really remembered or it is just Facebook, they have no obligation to wish you happy birthday, but they did. So yeah! There should be no complaints to receiving so many birthday wishes on your birthday. Like what I said, everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday. :)

Example, he is one of my best friends from tuition back in my primary school days. I typed his Chinese name but I'm not even 100% sure anymore haha. We haven't seen each other for who knows how long now but on this day, we got to talk and joke with each other, even just for a little. Thank you Facebook for this!

This post ended up longer than I expected! Haha but I enjoyed writing this. Once again, thank you everyone for making my birthday special for me. I really appreciate every one of you. :)

With all the love,

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