Saturday, July 26, 2014

Genting Highlands Short Getaway

Happy me, who had a short getaway to Genting Highlands with Tim and friends a few weeks back. :)

Lately I have been pestering Tim to bring me there at least once before I fly back to Kuching. My last trip there was so long ago that the last time I was there I haven't even started writing my blog yet, do the math. So my pestering was justified right? :P

I am always a fan of Genting Highlands. I've visited it 3 times in the past with my family and there has only been good memories when I think of the place. My first roller coaster ride was here, my first memory of a family trip back when I was a child living in Singapore, was here. :) I remember how I bravely rode the Space Shot, came down telling everyone "it was okay!" then immediately after that burst into tears. It was the adrenaline I swear lol. I also remember how sis and I rode in a bumper car and I didn't know how to operate it back then so our cart rotated in circles in the middle of the ring till time's up while having Mum wave her arms in the air the whole time from the side trying to guide us but to no avail (still so embarrassing thinking back) LOL. Ahhhh the memories.

The morning we departed from home for Genting. We were both dressed in black sweaters. :)

Taken on the road. Love this picture.

Compulsory tourist shot with the lit fakes trees at the lobby of the First World Hotel as posted on my Instagram. Wore shorts because I am a sweater + shorts person, and I find the cold bearable as I feel my legs have higher cold tolerance than my upper body. Or that they have enough fats to protect me from the cold. Nah, that's not it :P

Chilled at Starbucks after meeting up with the gang. :) 

Do you know that Starbucks have an app now? :D

The app makes transactions so much easier and for multiple Starbucks cards owners like me, you can now manage your cards conveniently from your phone. I recommend everyone to download it! It also offered app users buy one free one on certain drinks up till 13th July 2014 so Tim and I got our drinks at the price of one- I apologize for not sharing this earlier heh.

While at that, here's a close-up picture of my simplistic nude mani with a pop of glitter on the ring finger. Never been a nail polish person but have been really into dolling up my nails recently. Good change!

Us showing off our super nice kicks. :) My Doc Martens was a gift from Tim's parents and I love it so much. Thank you Uncle and Auntie! It would be so nice to wear with things comes the cold weather when I go to the UK this September. :)) By the way, Tim's mum also got me a pair of uggs when they went for a vacation in Australia for me to bring to the UK thank you Auntie! #showoffmuch I feel so loved.

The design of the indoor theme park as pretty as I so vividly remembered from before. 

Just in case you didn't know, the outdoor theme park has been torn down for renovation and will only start operation in 2016 and consecutively the indoor theme park will be closed for renovation as well. Some indoor rides have too ceased operation. If you wish to go to Genting for entertainment now is not really the period to do so- unless you are there only to enjoy the cool weather, to dine and shop, or to visit the casino (which I did for the first time!).

More tourist-sy shots around the place with the travel buddies. :) In the second picture everyone awkwardly leaned towards the right because we thought the focus on the picture would be the river and the bridge in the background lol.

Went to the arcade and it was smaller than I remember lol. Found this super fun game in which players drive tanks and attack each other. When you fire a shot or got shot your whole chair will jerk strongly forward and back which was to me the highlight of the game lol. Player with the highest attack score wins and I was second place battling against Tim, Arvin and the computer. :D

Dinner was Hot & Roll and supper was Nasi lemak for Tim and fish porridge for myself in the hotel room. :)

Then we went for a midnight walk at the outdoor carpark in front of Resort World Hotel to enjoy the chilly mountain-top weather.

Tim is so handsome. *heart-shaped eyes*

Intentional messy-haired-in-the-wind selfie. :) 

For some reason that I would not tell lol, we were upgraded from the tiny two single-bed room to this bigger room which accommodated us 5 nicely that night. :)

The 8am breath taking mountain view from the hotel next morningg. :) Nope we didn't wake up for the hotel buffet breakfast but instead it was to travel back to KL. I felt bad for having the guys travel down with me so early that Monday morning but I had a visa briefing to attend at uni.

With that, I conclude my super nice trip to Genting Highlands. A short but sweet getaway thank you Timmy for fulfilling yet another one of my requests. Love you to bits!

My latest exams results were released and I can now safely say that I will be going to the UK this coming September to pursue my third year of Law school. :) 

Visa application briefing was quite scary though. As you can see from the handout, there are so many things to do and prepare! Most are on hold for the moment though, because we had to wait for our results to be sent to respective UK universities only then to receive the CAS letter needed for us to proceed. Will have to start Visa application asap after getting the CAS letter so that I will be in time to fly to the UK this September. So exciting yet nerve wrecking at the same time!

I always urge people to seize the opportunity to study overseas if they get the chance to, even if for a short period ie. a student exchange program. My reasons being the opportunities to experience life in a different country do not come easily. And once you've settled down in a place, gotten a job or started to build a family etc, the chance to do so would be even lesser.

As ignorant as that may sound, at the same time, I understand that some people around me cannot afford to study overseas even if they really wanted to. The amount of money going into the Visa application, what more to say the tuition fees and living costs for my next year or two in the UK is not small number. Hence, I know I am well blessed to be getting an opportunity like that. Super thankful in advance to Daddy and Mommy for giving me the chance to pursue my education in a foreign country. :) Will update more in due course!

With all the love,

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