Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Life in KL w/ Tim

Life in KL is going to end tomorrow when I travel back to Kuching.  It is quite sad for me because another period of my life is drawing a close- my life in KL, where I did my first two years of university life.

Many things happened in this 2 years time and if you have been following my blog I'm sure you know how eventful my KL life was and how much I've enjoyed my time here. I think the most significant thing that has happened in this two-year period of my life is finding Tim. :) (I think I've stressed this enough lol) I teased Tim saying that most of the pictures I have of us is related to food (which is true and which he agrees to too lol). But I'm glad I still take loads of pictures of traveling, shopping trips, pictures in the car haha and a lot of his candid shots at home. Many of which I have compiled into posts on this blog, many I kept personal- all priceless memories.

Today while Tim is at work and since it's the last night of my life in KL, I'm just gonna do a random picture flash back to simply sum up my life in Kl with Tim. :)

For some reason I don't think I've blogged about our New Year countdown together. :) It was a really beautiful day from what I remember. We went to Bukit Bintang during the day and then spent the final hours of 2013 at Sunway Pyramid.

Standing clear of the snow spray war, we welcomed 2014 with a kiss. The feeling of being able to welcome the new year with the one you love is indescribable. :) 

My New Year rose. :) A kid was trying to sell it to Tim around Bukit Bintang and I told Tim I didn't want it because it's expensive but he got it for me anyway. :)

We spent our Halloween 2013 at home while friends were out partying. We made it a little special by doing each other's makeup. :) I made Tim a zombie with stitched lips looking more like an insomniac lol. While Tim made me a... I don't know what is it actually haha. His makeup on me reminds me of Itachi (Sasuke's brother in the Anime series Naruto, google it if you don't know) LOL because of the lines he drew above and under my eyes lol.

At a point of time, we had couple iPhone casings. :)

Tim got car pillows as a surprise for me and the dolls are Gemini and Aries, our horoscopes. :)) Super touched back then and super touched still. Add on, Gemini female and Aries males are good matches according to the horoscope articles wheeeeeee.

Tim went to Bali with his class trip and came home bringing me all these. I love the dream catchers he got me especially the big one which has been hanging above my headboard ever since (now in my luggage with me back to Kuching). He said he got more things for me than for himself awww. :)

Which reminds me, it was Tim and I's first week apart ever since we got together and got to see each other almost everyday. Trust me, it was hard. God was really kind to us in this sense beause He had us slowly get used for distance between each other to assure us that distance is okay- because I dread LDR. It was first a weekend with his class to Penang, then a week to Bali to my 1 month+ semester break back home, God is quietly preparing us for LDR when I go to further my studies in a foreign country while Tim on his way to pursue his career.

"When you put your cares in God's hands He puts peace in your heart." :)

Tim helping me with groceries. :)

A random morning waking up to breakfast prepared for me. :)

A reminder of a conflict we had, of which the aftermath is the realization of how much Tim cares.

Pictures are our random dancing moments together. Dance brought us to each other, and I owe so much to TUDC. I will never forget the first day I met Tim in a dance class, and thought to myself, "Why this guy so noisy and talkative one" LOL.

Tim is so handsomeeeeeeee thouuuuuuuuuuu. :) I really love admiring him and I hope to have this feeling for a long time. A cousin in a long relationship jokingly told me she also used to feel that her boyfriend is so handsome but after years together, even though still happily together, she doesn't feel so all the time anymore. Even so, I can still see admiration between them  through the way they interact with each other. I hope I can keep this feeling towards Tim for a long time coming too. :) A quote that I've tweeted about goes, "Look forward to seeing your partner as much as how you look forward to receiving your food" which I find true and claimed Tim to be the best steak lol.

Favourite thing to do with Tim in my opinion is watch movies together. :) We've watched countless movies together and since one point on we made an effort to keep all our movies tickets. Every time before a movie we would without fail order our standard movie watching menu with each other's preferred drinks without second thoughts and I find that very sweet. :)

Our latest movie together was The Fault in Our Stars earlier this afternoon. :) I've been wanting to watch this movie so bad and Tim brought me to watch it as farewell. The story was beautiful and I cried like crazy. Tim is not a romance movie kinda guy but to his surprise he enjoyed it. It was sweet but there are so many funny moments as well.

"You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm thankful." was my favourite quote from the movie, which can be used to express what I'm feeling now. Within this short period of time together Tim has given me nothing less than his best, and I'm thankful. I couldn't have asked for more. :')

This was the room I've been staying in for the past 1 year+ since Semester 2. Pictures showing a few weeks back when I first started packing everything up. Now my tenancy has been terminated, keys returned, and most of my clothes and books shipped back home. It was sad to leave that place (even though the apartment was horrible and the bed was horrible my sis knows) because there were so many memories we had there. :')

A manly picture of Tim, so nicely helping me with the moving of boxes and all. He jokingly said to me in a boastful way, "What you gonna do with all these moving if I'm not here?" I teased him, "If it's wasn't you here I'm sure I would still have someone else." Haha but of course I wouldn't want anybody else. Tim is irreplaceable.

That's about wrap up my life in KL with Tim. :) Blabbering about feelings time!

After getting together, there has been nothing but love in my life. Him being the first one I see when I wake up and the last face I see when I end my day,  has already became a norm for me. He is my food buddy, my movie buddy, my Pewdiepie buddy. He is there when things are hard and he is there when everything is rainbows. He is so involved in my everyday life. So yea, to be ending this period of my life is really hard for me. I don't think I'm mentally and emotionally ready to let this go hence the fragile emotional swings I've been having lately. When will we have chances to do the things like now again in the future? Where do we go from here? So many questions in my mind that will only be answered by time. *holding back tears

Two years seemed like ages ago but at the same time it felt like yesterday. From me first flying here, KL being so uncertain and new to me to it becoming my second home filled with so many familiar faces, everything's gonna face changes again. And once again, the future is now filled with so many uncertainties. With change there must be a transitional period. If we deal with the transitional period nicely I'm sure we will be fine. And if we trust God and believe that if it's meant to be it will, I'm sure we will be fine too. :) Again I tell myself, change will be for the better. Whatever comes our way, I will keep positive and accept it with an open heart.

With all the love,


-JoJo- said...

Don't cry, Keryn

Vida Sionader said...

why your blog makes me crying :( stay strong girl. you have to go through the rain to get the rainbow ;) [sure you know this quote]

kxin keryn pue said...

@Jojo I'm feeling better now thanks :)

@Vida Awww really? Don't cry. :) Thanks for the quote girl <3