Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Drugstore Lipsticks Collection

Today I am going to blog about my lip products collection. :) I am in love with lip products and they are my favourite makeup item to have. I love collecting lipsticks because of the wide variety of colors I can have, also the names of the shades can be so cute and delicious! 

First post-exam post and a not so common one on my blog as it is my first makeup collection post. :) Note that this is a very spontaneous post. I came home one day and started to snap pictures with my lipsticks on and subsequently decided to blog about it lol. May not be too interesting for the male readers but yea, hope you guys enjoy it!

I started my love for make up and hence my lipstick collection (for easier reference I will call it lipstick collection instead of lip products collection) ever since my Urban Decay Naked1 Palette. 

Currently all my lipsticks are stuffed in Tim's cologne box alongside my Etude House eye shadows and M.A.C pigments. Not living at home hence didn't bother to get a proper compartment to store my makeup but I'm sure I will see to that once I move home. Most of the lipsticks I got here are all purchased within this year and I surprise myself at the growing speed of the collection as I have never in my life owned so many lipsticks before heh.

These are my Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks that I've mentioned in my birthday post. :) I have 5 so far and the swatches from bottom up are Berry Rich, Rose Velvet, Pink Velvet, Lovers Coral and Smoked Peach. 

They may look similar to you BUT THEY ARE NOT! (Haha excuses to get more) I LOVE this line of lipsticks because of the variety of color choices and their classy black/gold packaging. I really recommend these lipsticks!

During CNY '14 when I wore Berry Rich as a stain
rather than the full-on lipstick

The Super Lustrous line provides for 4 finishes- Creme, Shine, Pearl and Matte.

The above three are all Creme finishes and I love that the most because it applies smoothly, the pigmentation is the best and there is almost no shimmer. If you like your lipsticks pigmented with no shimmer like me, do go for the colors with Creme finishes. :)

CNY 2014 day one I wore my Revlon Lovers Coral, which has a Shine finish. As you can see from the swatch, it applies quite sheer leaving only a subtle beautiful stain on your lips but not so much of the pigmentation. (Wow whats with that huge scratch on my face back then D:)

Smoked Peach is a Matte finish lipstick and it was sold out EVERYWHERE in kl. Found it in Kuching finally (Thank you Tim) and I love it! The thing about matte lipsticks is that it shows clearly the lines and flaws of the lips so if you want to work a matte lipstick be sure to moisturize the lips before that. I'm not really confident with matte lipsticks so I think I will stay away from those for now. Just to mention by passing, lipsticks with Pearl finishes has A LOT of glitter in them.

The NYX Butter Gloss is a very popular lip gloss line on YouTube among the beauty gurus. It is a lip gloss but it has the pigmentation of lipsticks and is not overly shiny and sticky. Plus they smell really sweet!

I have myself two colors- Peach Cobbler and Creme Brulee. Back then I wanted the nude shade Tiramisu instead of Creme Bruless but it was also sold out in every Sephora. It's available now but then I don't feel like getting it anymore lol.

I have three NYX Lipsticks and they are 599, 628 and 565. The lipstick line makes shimmery lipsticks too but for mine, all three are just the highly pigmented, non sparkly ones the way I like them. :) The 565 B52 is actually very pretty but the lighting in the picture didn't do it justice.

Was wearing the 628 Tea Rose shade back when I was performing with Kueendom. A very pretty but not too cutesy pink shade. :)

The first and oldest lipsticks I own are these Maybelline ones. The shades I have are Summer Sunset and Totally Toffee. I got them in the first place because it was on sale buy one get one free. (Everyone loves a good deal!) The colors and quality are alright but the main reason why I didn't really go back for more because I don't really like the plastic square packaging.

Two makeup looks completed with Totally Toffee. I totally didn't regret getting this nude shade because it goes so well with colorful smokey eyes!

Next I have two Maybelline Lip Polishes in the shades GLAM 1 and GLAM 5. They are lip glosses with moisturizing effects and both contain a little bit of sparkle but I don't seem mind that very much. 

GLAM 1 is a basic peach shade but with the brush, it applies quite inconsistently on the lips. To smooth it out I have to go over it with my fingers. GLAM 5 however is a really pretty mauve shade and it applies with no trouble. It looks really purple in the tube and may be quite scary for the non-risk takers. On the lips however it appears as a pretty blue toned pink so don't worry about that!

Complaint! In Malaysia we only have the Lip Polishes in 10 shades named POP 5, 6 and GLAM 1 ,2 ,3 , 4, 5, 6, 7, 9- which is quite pathetically sad.. compared to what the western countries makeup lovers have! The line there is called the Maybelline Color Elixirs. There are so many choices to choose from and they come in sexy names like Rose Redefined, Amethyst Potion, Blush Essence, Caramel Infused and so on. SO UNFAIR!! (Picture from Google)

The lip balm I use to heal chapped lips or relieve dryness is the Maybeline Baby Lips in Cherry (if not mistaken). I really like this! Inexpensive, smells really nice and lasts me for a long time.

Last lipstick for the day is my new Loreal Color Riche Lipstick in the shade Fairy Touch. My favourite lipstick at the moment! :) It is not seen in the cologne box with my other lipsticks because I carry it everywhere in my bag. The gold packaging is so pretty and I love it so much! Aim to get more colors from this line.

All the lipsticks featured in this post are from the drugstores and I got most of them from Watsons except for the particular brand NYX. NYX products are accessible from Sephora and their things are very inexpensive hence it is considered a drugstore cosmetic line overseas so yeah. When I earn my own money I am gonna immediately start my M.A.C. lipsticks collection. Can't wait for that!!

Gosh I've spent 3 hours on this post! Eyes are sore now lol. But I do hope some of you may find this helpful! Till the next time. :)

With all the love,

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