Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant + Aquaria KLCC

Twas a fun Monday at KLCC a few weeks ago when I went to meet up with the little sister and cuzzie Yun May who were both in KL that time. :) Little sister came for dance competition and cuzzie came for a holiday with her boyfriend James (who's apparently wearing transitional lenses which i did not notice before haha). FYI these are my first time tourist-sy shots with the Petronas Twin Towers. :D

Even though I see this building all the time when travelling around KL, till today I still really appreciate the beauty of it. I especially love the Twin Towers in the night time- when looked from afar it's as though the towers are sparkling.

Lunch was a fancy treat by James at Yuzu, a Japanese restaurant. Thank you! :) 

Had their Sushi and Soba Set (RM30), shared between sis and I. Cuzzie and boyfriend had the Yuzu Bento (RM42) and Tim has their Salmon Teriyaki Bento (RM30).

The food is really really good. Each set comes with a lot of side dishes, some fruits some salads and some desserts. The price is quite pricey especially for the sashimis if compared to the other Japanese food we can get around KL but the price for the sets are quite reasonable. I really enjoyed the meal!

After lunch, we went to visit Aquaria, the aquarium located at the start of the tunnel connecting KLCC to Pavillion. Btw the center display is obviously a copy of the one they have in Singapore's Underwater World zzz (or do they have this in all the aquariums I don't know).

Cuzzie got her tickets from Groupon and when asked to join them I was reluctant (even though I am always a go for all things nature likes zoos and bird parks) because I was afraid I'd be underwhelmed and disappointed. But unexpectedly, I really enjoyed the visit! It's really nice to be reminded of how beautiful God's creations are and to appreciate them. FYI bring your student ID to get a Rm8 discount off ticket price!

Favourite part of visiting an aquariums has got to be the tunnel. Loved it so much so we went thru the tunnel twice. :D So many cute sting rays with funny faces. One especially looked superb Asian because of its sepet eyes hahah. And love looking at sharks up close! Aquaria doesn't house the Dugong though, which is something I really looked forward to seeing whenever a visit to an aquarium because people don't really get chances to see it on a daily basis.

Afraid of the shark group version
Sampat version
Afraid of shark towards the left version
Afraid of shark towards the right version
(lol sis is always so dramatic I love it)
Holding hands (hand+fin) with a real shark, yeap.

Flash back to the Saturday before when I went to Pavillion with Tim and friends for a video shoot.

Funny story how I found out cuzzie was in KL. Was going about my daily life lol suddenly someone hugged me from behind and I was like, O.O??? who the hell would do that then I turned around and saw it was her. So surprised to see her cuz I didn't know she was in KL that time.

Cuzzie said she was walking back to her hotel when she saw a girl dancing down the street only to notice it was me. Lolol was dancing down the street for the video la but still, so embarrassing! Though if it weren't for the video shoot I wouldn't have found out she was in KL at the time lol.

That evening I went to watch lil sis compete in Clash of The Kingz final round with Tim and friends.

Proud sister moment! Vanity Crew represented Kuching to compete in the finals and they've worked really hard for it. Competition was intense that evening and almost all the groups did really really well. Sadly they didn't get top three but still I'm so proud of her.

So happy to have spent some time with my girls even though it was a short one. But will see you girls back home soon! Ending this post with a selfie of myself. BYE! :B

With all the love,

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