Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cousins + Tim in Kuching

A picture with Tim when he was in Kuching to visit me and my family to start the blog post today. :)

Flash back to when Leon and family from the UK came back to Malaysia for a holiday last month. :) Every time they were back we here would be showered with loads chocolates of all kinds. Leon also gotten mee a book- The Faults in Our Stars, which was really sweet of him!

This time round though, there was a special addition to their Malaysia trip group- Leon's girlfriend, Monika. :) They stayed at my place for 3 weeks and it was my duty and pleasure to bring them around (mostly for food lol). Pictures were taken at Bing! and Sunny Hill Ice Cream.

During their stay, we scheduled Tim's travel time so that they could meet each other as he's already met most of my cousins. I'm so happy Tim came to Kuching for me again! And that him and I can get along well with each other's families.

With cousin Yun May who's now in Singapore to pursue her career. :) So happy for her and missing her already!

Dinner that evening was at Howdy's. Pictures are Fish & Chips, Steak and their house famous BBQ Pork Ribs Rack. They always serve quality food and I really enjoy the restaurant.

It's really weird how they didn't include their address on their Facebook page, but I will roughly explain. It is located at Titanium, the shop lots area opposite CityOne Shopping Mall and next to Zotel. Contact No. 082-285 887/ Operating from 5-11pm

Group picture after the nice dinner. :) It's a shame that the others couldn't join us that evening!

Besides watching movies at the cinema and watching Breaking Bad together every night before bed, our past time was playing card games haha. :) In the picture we were gathered at my place playing Bang. Them cousins loved Bang, lol.

Vanilla demanding attention doing his cute Please trick haha. 

Speaking of Vanilla, know how he is always aggressive towards strangers in the house? Leon and Tim managed to get close to him from their last visits. While after much effort, he became friends with Monika and Yun May and finally they can walk freely around the house without Vanilla crazy barking and charging at them. :)))) What an achievement!! (Sad to say though, when Monika first arrived at my house, she was bitten and scratched by Vanilla. Still feel guilty)

My cousins are like our own big happy family. :) It is always fun when we hang out together and even more fun now that our partners are getting included into the group. I hope we stay close to each other like this forever! 

Also, shout out to Tic Tac Toe- the first board games cafe in Kuching (one of our fav hang-outs during Leon and Tim's stay!) :) To play, they charge rm2.5 per hour for each person and the rate is reasonable! Plus, the food they serve is gooooooddddd. Even though the game choices there are not as diverse as Meeples in KL, they are new and expanding. Totally recommends it!

It's located at the shop lots opposite The Spring Shopping Mall, turn left when you see RHB Bank and you will see the cafe. :)  Contact: 016 808 0224/ Closed on Sundays

With all the love,

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