Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Famine 30 Dance Performance w/ Kueendom

Another performance with Kueendom! We were asked to perform on two occasions for the 30 Hour Famine event. Selfie shot with the girls taking pictures in the background. :D

Selfies with the Kueendom darlings. :) Sue, Yi Wei, Vida, Yy, Iylia, Siau Chian and Silvia + a super photobombed one.

Outfit/ group shots. A nice one and one, not so very lol. Our outfit theme was black/ white + denim.

Behind the scene of our selfie sessions.

Performance shots credits to the talented twins from our uni's Photography Club. 

Location of the performance was the new Lecture Hall 21 & 22 on campus of Taylor's Lakeside. Nice right? It is a 360 Lecture Hall which can be split down the middle to form 2 separate lecture halls.

And lastly, as usual, here's the performance video. :) 

Link: [] We did 4 songs in this performance line-up: Good Night Kiss- Hyo Song, Short Hair- AOA, Mr Chu - APink and MTBD- 2NE1. Love all the routines I've learnt for this performance. And I'm glad to say that we'll be having dance covers released on 2 of the 4 songs we did, both of which we have revised in detail and made the steps more sync, so please keep a look out for Kueendom's upcoming videos! 

With all the love,

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