Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kueendom | Famine 30 Dance Performance

Another performance with Kueendom! We were asked to perform on two occasions for the 30 Hour Famine event. Selfie shot with the girls taking pictures in the background. :D

Selfies with the Kueendom darlings. :) Sue, Yi Wei, Vida, Yy, Iylia, Siau Chian and Silvia + a super photobombed one.

Outfit/ group shots. A nice one and one, not so very lol. Our outfit theme was black/ white + denim.

Behind the scene of our selfie sessions.

Performance shots credits to the talented twins from our uni's Photography Club. 

Location of the performance was the new Lecture Hall 21 & 22 on campus of Taylor's Lakeside. Nice right? It is a 360 Lecture Hall which can be split down the middle to form 2 separate lecture halls.

And lastly, as usual, here's the performance video. :) 

Link: [] We did 4 songs in this performance line-up: Good Night Kiss- Hyo Song, Short Hair- AOA, Mr Chu - APink and MTBD- 2NE1. Love all the routines I've learnt for this performance. And I'm glad to say that we'll be having dance covers released on 2 of the 4 songs we did, both of which we have revised in detail and made the steps more sync, so please keep a look out for Kueendom's upcoming videos! 

With all the love,

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